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San Juan Islands, Washington

Fast Facts

Location: NW corner of US. Part of the US state of Washington
Significance: Island, Whale Watching
Attraction Type: Activities like Kayaking, Surfing, Hiking and Whale Watching
Best time to visit: October through April
How to Reach: Ferries available for all islands from Washington DC
Nearest International Airport: Washington International Airport

There is no better place to watch amazing orca whales flip and frolic in the blue deep. The sheer pleasure of whale watching attract thousands of tourists to the San Juan Islands every year, apart from other exciting adventures and the pristine beauty of the islands themselves. The San Juan Islands is an archipelago that is distributed over two nationalities of the US and Canada. On the US part of the San Juan Islands, the only three major inhabited islands include the San Juan Island, the Orcas Island and the Lopez Island. These three islands together attract the greatest number of tourists, although there are other inhabited islands too including the popular Shaw Island.

Overview of Outer Banks

This is popularly known as the 'Jewel of the San Juan Islands'. Also known as the Friendly Isle, this island has the longest beach and the gentlest waves, making it a beachcomber's idea of paradise. Visitors can indulge in a wide range of activities during their visit here, including kayaking, hiking, fishing and whale watching. However, the most thrilling activity of the island is cycling. This island is a boon for cycling enthusiasts.

Orcas Island Tour

Orcas Island is not only the largest, but also the most beautiful of the San Juan archipelago. For centuries, it has been a popular destination for tourists. One of the greatest reasons for its popularity is Mt. Constitution in the Moran State Park. This provides a panoramic view of the entire archipelago, including not only the US but also the Canadian part of the islands. Lodging, hiking and whale watching are some of the top attractions of this island. Of all hamlets and villages of the Orcas Island, Eastsound is particularly noted for its amazing shopping and dining opportunities.

San Juan Island

This is the place you need to be to see those wonderful whales, seals, sea lions, porpoises, bald eagles and the whole range of exotic wildlife that inhabit this island. Regular cruise liners operate from this island, carrying passengers towards those areas of the ocean where there are highest chances of watching these beautiful animals. There are great kayaking opportunities as well.

San Juan Islands Accommodations

San Juan Islands has a large number of hotels, motels, resorts and spas, catering to the huge number of visitors every year. Travelers can check in at Harrison House Suites Bed and Breakfast that presents great facilities and great views at attractive rates. Earth Box Motal and Spa and Bird Rock Hotel are other popular hotels at the San Juan Islands.

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