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Vieques, Puerto Rico

Fast Facts

To the east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea
Attraction Type: Island
Significance: Tropical island with thrilling water activities
Best time to visit: throughout the year
How to Reach: By flights
Nearest Airport: Vieques Airport

Vieques literally is ‘small island’ as derived from Taino Indian word ‘bieke’. This small island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean is the ideal sojourn for a quiet vacation amidst sun, sand and sea. From the drudgery of city life the tranquil surroundings of Vieques in Puerto Rico feels like paradise. Spring or autumn, winter or summer, Vieques is always a charming place to be in.

Vieques locally called ‘La Isla Nena’ or ‘Isabel Segunda’ is surrounded by St. Croix to its east, Puerto Rico to its west, Isla Culebra to its north, and St. Thomas to its northeast. With a maximum length of 21 miles and width of 3 miles it covers an approximate area of 52 square miles with its two important towns Esperanza in the south and Isabel II in the north.

An outstanding feature about Vieques Island is its animal and plant life varieties despite its tiny size. You would be surprised to see iguanas in large numbers though they are not natives of the Caribbean. Foreign settlers had brought them as pets from Galapagos Islands, Fiji, Tonga, and Madagascar and later let them loose. Anole is another interesting lizard family identified by the green and red throat fan of the males. Vieques is famous for its coqui frog variety which also is Puerto Rico’s national symbol. Near the shores and shallow water you would discover hermit crabs and ghost crabs. Bats, endemic of this Caribbean island, are found in abundance in caves and among flower bearing trees in the evening.

You would be delighted to see pelicans, banana quits, hummingbirds, doves, herons, sea gulls and egrets.

Activities in Vieques

Being a small island you would find it a pleasure discovering it on cycles or on foot. For a more relaxed exploration you could hire a motorbike or car. The crystal blue waters around Vieques offer excellent diving and snorkeling scopes. Even if you are not an expert in diving you could enjoy the marine life of the Caribbean Sea with the assistance of diving instructors. Discover limitless varieties of colorful tropical fish and corals of attractive hues. You might also circumnavigate Vieques Island in a kayak, or venture into the deeper seas in a sailing boat.

This place is an angler’s delight with tarpon, snapper, jacks, and bonefish in plentiful near the shores. In the Puerto Rico Trench about a couple of miles to the north of Vieques you could catch mackerel, black fin tuna, sailfish, yellow tail, and grouper. Playful dolphins in these waters would add to your visual treat.

Staying in Vieques

On a tour to Vieques you could choose between hotels, guest houses, and rented villas for putting up. Lionheart Villa, Martineau Bay Resort and Spa, Hix Island House, Playa Martineau, and Bravo are among the hotels to select from. For a guest house accommodation you might choose from Villa Doral Guesthouse, Bananas Guesthouse, Wild Palms Guesthouse, La Cuadra Guesthouse, and Teds Guesthouse.

For delicious Caribbean and International cuisine savor the delicacies of Island Steak House, Chez Shack, Mar Azul, Blue Moon Bar & Grill, and Trade Winds.

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