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Kayaking in Yukon River, Canada

Fast Facts

Location: Yukon Province, Canada
Attraction Type: Aquatic Adventure
Significance: Eco-tour, River Safari, Canoeing, Wildlife Exploration, River Safari
Best time to travel: During Summer
How to Reach: Different Companies start their tours at different locations and take different courses. So, it is better to check out on the particular itinerary that your adventure travel company offers to find out the exact place where you need to reach to embark on your journey.

Kayaking in Yukon River is your ultimate adventure tour. As you raft the waters through the pristine landscape surrounding the Yukon River and run through the wilderness, you find yourself face to face with nature at its purest. Over the years, what was once a dangerous territory scaled only by expert rafters has become a popular family tourism site, with hundreds of visitors from all over the world risking it, presumably for the amazing thrill provided by the tour. Ideally, a Yukon River kayaking tour is about canoeing and kayaking through the white water of the Yukon River, and float amidst the beautiful Yukon National Park that is inhabited by a large number of exotic and rare wildlife. It is thus not just the kayaking that is exciting, but the environment and the ambience that is created by the tour that add to the thrill. Overview of Yukon River

Yukon is the largest river of the Alaska region and a large part of it passes through the Yukon province in Canada, with a little part of it located in the British Columbia. Revered by the local inhabitants for many years as the Great River or the Great Stream, the river acted as a principle means of transportation during the times of the gold Rush. It will not be out of place to remember that the extended commercial use of the river also added to its pollution through deposits of wastes. However, the commercial use of the river has later been restricted and all attempts are being made to restore the original purity of the river.

Yukon is home to a large number of river species, most importantly salmon that inhabits these waters in large numbers. To support the large number of Chinook salmons that breed in this area, the longest wooden fish ladder in the world has been constructed at Whitehorse fishway. 366 meters in length, this ladder provides a channel for the fishes to swim upstream.

The Yukon River Canoeing

Yukon River canoeing or kayaking is one of the world's most exciting river safaris and geo-tours. The size and the shape of the canoe or the kayak are determined by the number of people in a group that can be accommodated. You can choose a vessel of your own, depending on your plans and itinerary. Whatever it be, it is bound to be exciting. For families and groups, there are local guides who will give you an update on the wildlife as well as the communities that you will meet on your way.

Ideally, a Yukon River cruise begins just below Whitehorse and then traces a 600 km. course up to Dawson city, with communities to rest at on the day. It roughly takes a week to complete the entire course. Apart from interacting with the local populace, you also get to explore the wilderness, which has a population of bears and caribous, among other wild species. The Yukon River runs into many parklands like the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge and the Yokon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. An exploration of these wildlife refuges will give you an experience like no other.

Yukon Rive Adventure Companies

Due to the great popularity of the Yukon River cruises, there are a large number of companies that conduct regular adventure tours through the Yukon. Some of the popular ones are:
  • Sea to Sky Expeditions
  • Cabin Fever Adventures
  • Muktuk Kennels
  • Yukon Wide Adventures
  • Great river journey
  • Up North Adventures

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