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Monument Valley, Utah

Fast Facts
Location: USA
Attraction Type: Natural
Best Time to Visit: September to March
How to Reach: Travelers can easily come to the Monument Valley Utah from places like Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and other places. Road transport is well developed and you can come by cars, buses or four wheelers.
Nearest International Airport: Salt Lake City International Airport
You have always been fascinated to see the Wild West in the Hollywood movies. Now have the same experience yourself by traveling to the Monument Valley. Walk in the midst of grand and unique sandstone and rock formations, streams, canyons and other forms of rugged landscape. Making a trip to the Monument Valley is an experience that you will cherish all your life.

Monument Valley is perhaps one of the best specimens of the rugged landscape of American West. The barren deserts and the red mesas and buttes have attracted hundreds of travelers and adventure lovers from parts of the world. The unique part of monument valley is that unlike usual valleys, it consists of an extensive landscape which is rather flat in shape and is sometimes interrupted by crumbling rock formations which rise to a height of hundreds of feet. These rock formations date back to thousands of years. There are a large number of hotels at Moab as well, some of the most popular ones being


There are lots of places to see in and around the Monument Valley, USA. The scenic beauty and the natural charm of the place make it an ideal destination for tourists, nature lovers and adventure lovers.

You can travel to various points of interest in Monument Valley like Four Corners Monument, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Ancient Ruins & Rock Art, Trail of The Ancients Scenic Byway, Dark Canyon, Lake Powell and other places.

Things to do

You can enjoy a host of activities at Monument Valley Utah. There are provisions for camping in the valley. Adventure lovers can also undertake trekking and mountain hiking expeditions. Mountain biking and horseback riding are also popular recreational activities.


Being a popular tourist destination, there are lots of lodging centers in and around the area. These hotels offer a wide range of facilities and services at reasonable rates. Some of the most popular hotels in Monument Valley Utah are the Gouldings Lodge, the Desrt Rose Inn and Cabins at Bluff and the Four Corners Inn in Blanding. Blanding has the largest concentration of hotels, and some other popular accommodation facilities available in this area are the Gateway Inn, the Comfort Inn, Super 8 and the Abajo Haven Guest Ranch. There are hotels available at Montecello and Bryce Canyon City as well. There are a number of popular hotels and motels in the Moab region as well.


You can visit the local restaurants and dining hubs and have a taste of mouth watering local and American cuisine. The bars offer local drought beer and other range of drinks.

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