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Everglades National Park, Florida

Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the U.S. state of Florida
  • Attraction Type: National Park.
  • Significance: It is the only subtropical preserve in North America, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Wetland of International Importance.
  • Best time to Visit: Though the park can be visited throughout the year, but winter is surely the best.
  • How to Reach: The easiest way to reach Everglades National Park is to fly down to Miami International Airport and then take a car to reach the national park through Route 41 that runs west and also Route 1 that runs south.
  • Nearest Airport: Miami International Airport (MIA)
It is the only subtropical preserve in North America, it is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is an important International Biosphere Reserve and it is a Wetland of International Importance — Everglades National Park is full of characters. Consisting of 25 percent of the original Everglades marshland region in southwestern Florida, this national park has become a major tourist attraction in US, which is visited by one million tourists every year.
The main idea of creating Everglades National Park was to protect the fragile ecosystem of this part of the world. Later, this U.S. national park has become the home to 36 threatened or protected species of wild animals including the American crocodile, Florida panther, and the West Indian manatee. One can also find here both temperate and tropical plant communities including mangrove, cypress swamps, hardwood hammocks, pinelands and sawgrass prairies etc. In fact, Everglades National Park has got the largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere. The park is also known for its rich bird life, and is a perfect destination for you, especially if you are an ornithologist. More than 350 species of birds are available here including the large wading birds, wood stork, roseate spoonbill, blue heron and egrets. With all its attractions, it is pretty tough to ignore the appeal of Everglades National Park. So, go and explore it.

Things to Do in Everglades National Park Florida

You can explore Everglades National Park in several ways. The wide varieties of flora and fauna have made this place a really special one. This national park has got a sanctuary, and a breeding and feeding ground for various species of wading birds. The freshwater marsh is a major attraction of this national park as well.

Everglades National Park is a known name for some invigorating walking and hiking opportunities. Most of the nature trails of the park remain open throughout the year for hiking. There are a number of popular walks in Everglades National Park that include Shark Valley Loop Road, Bobcat Boardwalk, and Otter Cave Trail etc.

One of the best ways to enjoy the true essence of Everglades National Park is to go for camping. The camping grounds remain open throughout the year and you have a wide range of options to choose from. Flamingo and Long Pine Key are some of the most popular camping grounds. There are also 47 designated wilderness campsites in Everglades National Park that await your exploration. And before you sign off from the park, you must step in to the Flamingo Lodge, it could be the experience of your lifetime.

Visiting Hours of Everglades National Park, Florida:

Everglades National Park: 365 days a year.
Main Park entrance: Round the clock.
Shark Valley entrance: 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Chekika entrance: 1st December to 1st May, from dawn to dusk
Gulf Coast entrance: Round the clock.


The best option for accommodation while visiting Everglades National Park is the camping within the park. There are several camping grounds within the national park where you can camp. You can also stay at the Flamingo Hotel.

Flamingo Hotel
Amfac Park & Resorts
Flamingo, FL 33034

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