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Newport Cliff Walk

Fast Facts
Location: Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Significance: Historic and picturesque walk along the Newport Coastline
How to Reach: Access it through any of the strategic access areas in Newport, and take the walk for as long as you do not get tired. Newport is three hours by car from New York by car., trains and buses. The T.F. Green airport is 25 miles to the north of the main town area, and the train station is 20 miles to the West.
Nearest Airport: T.F. Green Airport
They say that the fabulous stretch of the Newport Cliff Walk was first charted by the deers, only to be followed by the local Indians. Later on, as fantastic Victorian buildings started to line the Newport shoreline, the need for a walkway that can match the elegance of the mansions and provide a great view of these ambitious constructions was felt, and the Newport Cliff Walk came into being.
Presently, stretching for over 5.6 km across the fabulous Newport coastline in Rhode Island from Bailey's Beach to First Beach, the beautifully paved Newport Cliff Walk opens up some of the most wonderful views of the region. That includes historic architectures and wonderful landscapes. It is a designated National Recreation Trail, and opens up the rich history and the natural beauty of the Rhode Island region.


Towards the end of the 19th century, Newport was already becoming a very popular getaway for affluent New Yorkers. IT was not long before stylish Victorian mansions and villas started to loom over the Newport coastline, overlooking the Rhode Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. The need for a walkway was being increasingly felt and the construction of the road started at around 1880. Work continued at a steady pace for about 50 till the Great Depression struck.

The walk, which was developing over smooth and comparatively more difficult places to access, was hit hard by hurricanes in 1938, and then again in 1954. Certain parts of the walk were completely destroyed. However, the City and the State contributed immensely in terms of funds and logistics to improve the condition of this stretch. There were regular developments from thereon, and continued throughout the 1980s and the 1990s. The present Walk, which reaches up to the very tip of the Baily's Beach, was finally completed in 2004.

Things to Do

The walkway can be accessed from a number of strategic access points like the Ledge Road, Marive Avenue, Sheppard Avenue, Ruggles Avenue, Webster Street and Narragansett Avenue. Once you enter the Newport Cliff Walk, you will be able to watch some of the most historic gilded mansions of the city including the Rosecliff, The Breakers, the Ochre Court, the Marble House. The Rough Point, with its bridge over an open chasm, is one of the most spectacular views of the Newport Cliff Walk.

Apart from these heritage buildings, you will also be enthralled by the general beauty of the walkway, which includes long winding pathways, and opens up to beautiful vistas and tunnels. The continuous growth of the Newport Cliff Path has stretched into comparatively less accessible areas. In the later half of this magnificent stretch, you leave behind the historic urban architecture and enter the world of raw nature. The rocks and the boulders of this part of the Newport Cliff walk make it difficult to access, but opens up wonderful views which are unmatched in beauty.

Accommodation and Dining

There are numerous hotels in Newport, and they can cater to a large number of travelers from all budget ranges. There are luxury hotels, as well as excellent budget accommodations. Some of the most popular hotels of Newport region are Wyndham Inn, Newport Onshore, Attwater Villa, Adele Turner Inn and the Almondy Inn. You will never be short of dining opportunities as long as you are in Newport. Some of the most popular restaurants in Newport are the chandlery restaurant, the Terrace Restaurant and the Kemeys Manor Restaurants. The McDonald's outlets are also an idela place to grab a bite before you embark on your prolonged walk along the Newport Cliff.

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