It was under stringent economic crises, when Arizona welcomed us to its pristine landscapes and rugged, yet enchanting terrains, giving some solace to the tensed mind – worst effected by recession. Yes, it was during those days of thunder (recession – 2009), when we sorted out a plan to trip the must see Arizona sightseeings. A time when the world market shook, leaving us merely on our limited savings to meet ends — and, youngsters and couples struggled hard to restore their jobs – it was no-doubt risky to venture out a trip. But, amidst all inconsistencies – believe it or not — our rather unusual plan did give us a moral notch. It was the pretty terrains of the canyons, the scenic hill roads and the enthralling must see places in Arizona that embraced us with empathy, emptying every sorrow our hearts overflowed with. And, indeed — we forgot our monetary stifle, but immersed ourselves enough in nature’s turf to cherish every happiness. If it was not for nature, then the art and architectures of the state, its paintings and murals, and — not to forget — the museums, equally enchanted us to travel to a different era.

What is the best time to visit?

From September to May is the best time to visit Arizona.

What is the weather like?

Weather is average with a minimum of 60 F

Which Places to Visit in Arizona?

  1. The Verde Canyon Rail RoadIt is the attraction you will never wish a miss. Ask the locals, and they’ll spring up with excitement, the very moment they hear, “Verde Canyon”. Know why? Its the trip fun, the scenic beauty and — not to miss — the celebration and festive mood that will leave you mesmerized. Taking you for a four hour ride amidst perilous hilly terrains, the voyage takes you over blazing canyons, rare wildlife and diverse flora.
  2. Ales on Rails Oktoberfest

    A festival organized prior to the train travel that includes unlimited beer and German Luncheon.
  3. Schenebly Hill Road

    To gape at stunning prospects and red rock hilly panoramas. Drive away from the Interstate 17, take left and you drop yourself into dense verdures. Further deeper, and you come across sandstone grounds that sparkle in the sun. Partly barren, partly succulent — that’s the beauty and diversity of the place. All throughout winter, this serene corner of Wilcox happens to be the home to variegated birds.
  4. Antelop Canyon Arizona:

    Significance: Picturesque slot Canyons
    Getting There:Avail a conducted tour to the Antelope Canyons. You can also drive to the location from Page.
    Entry Fee:Entry Cost is $6 for adults and free for children. However, the costs for guided tours may vary. Usually, it is around $20 for a standard 1.5 hours sightseeing.
    Timings:8:00 am — 5:00 pm for Summer months
    The Entrance Station is closed in winter. However, both the Upper and Lower canyons are open.
    Best Time to Visit:Summer Months, between March and October
    Nearest Airport:Page Municipal Airport
    Accommodation and Dining
    Page is the closest city to the Antelope Canyons. As a result, most travelers prefer taking up accommodation at Page. Some of the most popular hotels in Page are the Best Western Arizonainn, Lake Powell Days Inn and Suites, Best Western and Quality Inn at Lake Powell. Apart from the luxury hotels, there are a number of bread and breakfast facilities at Page, which are quite popular because a large number of backpackers frequent this place.
    Things to Do:
    The Antelope Canyon, as we know it today, is divided into two distinct parts, the Upper and the Lower Antelope Canyons, located within a few kilometers of each other. The Upper Antelope Canyon is the most popular ones for the tourists, because it does not involve any steep climb, and is located on the ground level, although at a higher elevation. Moreover, the sunlight is also more consistent in this Canyon. The summer months are the best times to see the sunlight shafts at the Upper Canyon. On March 15, sunlight begins to make their presence felt in the Canyon. On October 7, they disappear.

    The Lower Canyon, also known as Hasdestwazi, or ‘spiral rock arches’ because of its lower altitude, receives sunlight spots only when the sun is much higher in the sky. It is imperative that the view becomes much dimmer during the winter months. Entering this slot is slightly more difficult, and you have to climb through the installation of metal stairways. It is not frequented by the more casual travelers but is an absolute favorite with photographers, who risk it all because of the great views that it provides.

    The Antelope Canyon is highly photogenic, and is a very popular destination for photographers. So, do not forget to take your camera along when you visit this destination. You are sure to get some wonderful views to capture.

    Always remember to take the assistance of an official travel guide during your visit to the Antelope Canyons. Tours can be aranged from the John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum in Page. Although the region is largely dry, there are possibilities of rain and subsequent flash floods. The local knowledge of a travel guide can come in handy during those times. The local Navajo Tribe also provides licensed tour operators whom you can hire for a reasonable price.

Dam In Arizona

Hoover Dam:

The thing that would draw your attention at the very first sight is the gigantic size of the Hoover Dam. Its huge hydroelectric generators would also make you amaze at the same time. Now you take a close look at the dam, you are going to get amazed for one more time. And this time, it’s the elegant Art Deco designs on the four towers, spillways and power plant of the dam which will make you spellbound.

On the Nevada side plaza, you will find two Modernist-style bronze sculptures, known as the Winged Figures of the Republic. The polished terrazzo floor is also quite interesting. See the plaque commemorating the 96 workers, died during the construction of the dam. However, no worker was buried in the concrete of the dam as according to some popular myth.

While visiting Hoover Dam, you will also visit another attraction of the place — Lake Mead. It is the reservoir created behind the dam and is also a National Recreating Area. You can go for boating, fishing, house-boating, camping, waterskiing and swimming here. Hiking along the desert surrounding the lake is also an enticing activity in Hoover Dam.

Before you leave Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, go for a paddle craft trip on the Colorado River. You can also take a guided river tour. However, access is limited in this area, as the area falls under a security zone.

Hours of Operation at the Dam

Visitor Center: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Ticket counter closes at 5.15 p.m.)
Parking Garage: 8 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.
Tours: 9.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. (Summer)
9.15 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. (Winter)
Closed: On Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Tour Charges

Powerplant Tour: $11.00 (17-61 years) / $9.00 (62+ & 4-6 years) / $9.00 (U.S. Military) / Free (0-3 years)
Hoover Dam Tour: $30.00 (8 years and above, children under 8 are not allowed)

Accommodation Facility:
While going to visit Hoover Dam, you may stay at the city of Las Vegas, located just 30 miles away from the dam. There are plenty of hotels in Las Vegas for all sorts of travelers. Some of the Las Vegas hotels can be listed as below:

Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Tel: +1-702-380-7777

Plaza Hotel and Casino
Number One Main Stree
Post Office Box 760
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Tel: +1-702-386-2110

Other best places to visit in Arizona:

  • Patio of the Asylum
  • Workshop at Acrosanti
  • London Bridge
  • Colorado River
  • Grand Canyon Village
  • Wilcox
  • Schenebly Hill Road
  • Arboretum at Flagstuff
  • Verde Canyon Rail Road
  • Monument
  • Rot Purcell Murall
  • Saguaro Theatre

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