Is your life getting monotonous? Here’s the chance. Get a break or plan a vacation trip to discover the must see Florida sites. Sound’s exciting, right! Well, don’t get carried away by the thrill. A trip to this part of the country requires lot of planning and financial arrangements. Guess what, on my first visit to Florida, I was deeply smitten by the antiquity shops and the pristine beaches kissed by the pellucid sea water. The profound silence of the area and the endless emptiness was what appealed to me the most. Being similarly inflicted like you, with the inevitable stress-disease, I finally planned for a vacation getaway to give Florida a shot. In fact, everything that meets your eyes in Florida is worthy to be cherished with open arms. Be it the sun-bathed beaches that blazes in the warm afternoon or man’s best creativity at the Theme Parks, Places To Visit In Florida seems enticing, no matter in what form. Not exaggerating, if anyone is wearied by the light flickers at the city markets or are still raring for that sweet headiness at the pubs than a fun-filled party amidst natural vistas, will surely bring out the frenzy in you that lays burrowed in some corner of your mind.

Since my trip happened quite suddenly, I was almost clueless about lodging and sightseeing. Thanks to one of my co-passengers who taught me the whereabouts of the entire state and the lodging options for prospective tourists. “Wakulla Springs Lodge”, he reiterated, until he finally vanished somewhere in the airport crowd. Though tensed, but not to the limit of having a nervous breakdown, Wakulla Springs Lodge hovered around in my head. A taxi from the airport finally dropped me at Wakkula. Obviously, Wakulla Springs Lodge indeed deserves to be a must see Florida sightseeing. The place is amazing when it comes to relaxing amidst breathtaking views and the cool air. While the kids can enjoy watching the stuffed 11-foot alligators at the lobby, the adults can spend hours stretching their bodies at the enormous comfy chairs without caring about time or meeting a target. Envious, are you? Well, that not all. For the young guns, get some fun hiking the nature trails, specifically made for tourists. A long and exciting Jungle Cruise, which is a boat trip can also be planned out to watch marine animals.

While I was always more keen to lazy along the beeches to capture some of the best sunset or sunrise pictures, you can always try out other sites if it is exploration, you are looking for. The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, a Places To Visit In Florida is indeed a fair distraction from the never-ending beaches and the grueling pathways. A garden that is variegated with mangoes, draws myriads of tourists and locals to sample the tastiest mangoes during Mango-Mania festival. Don’t forget to enjoy a Beach Party at the Honeymoon Islands. Just Awesome! That what I say when the image of the shining beach floats in front of my eyes. You will be missing the exciting snorkeling, picnicking or bird watching, if you miss it. I would say, never leave a chance to ply to the Caladesi Island from here.

You can’t believe what your eyes are looking at, after you are left spellbound at the Rainbow River, a must see Florida site, 2 hours north of Tampa. While the trance is quite obvious, don’t miss a chance to float along the clear water of the river after producing yourself inside a tube with your rear body under the water. Sounds relaxing, isn’t it? Get a hold on your thrill, before you try out a climb at the St. Augustine Lighthouse or go fishing in Boca Grande during Tarpon fishing season. But, if the steep climb is too tiring or fishing too tuff a task for some, head straight to the Antiquities Shops near the Mount Dora or shop at the Palm Beach, cherishing the breezy beach climate.

Game for some more excitement? Why not. If time isn’t enough this time, head for the popular fishing competition or the Florida State Game on the next trip.
List of Places To Visit In Florida sightseeings:

  • Fishing at Boca Grande
  • Palm Beach Shopping
  • Antiquities Shops, Mount Dora
  • Rainbow River
  • Augustine Lighthouse
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Beach Party at the Honeymoon Islands
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge
  • Jungle Cruise

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