Wish to cherish nature or game for some spine-tingling fun, more than the hill slopes, or the maddening roller coasters in the theme parks? The salubrious lake sides, succulent lawns and the odd collections of the must see Kansas sightseeings will give your travel a notch. A break from the quaint villages, the lushly plain lands and the artifacts of the museums, will drop you in no other place but the plush cities, hub to fashion glitters and the Topeka Fiesta Mexicana. As for history, the state was not all that flowery and happy-go-lucky, as it seems to be. Named after the Kansas River, which in turn is named after the Kansa tribe, went through heart-breaking severities and darkness that would shudder even the strongest heart. While some of the Places to Visit in Kansas that depicts the gruesome realities, may leave you cold, the nature reserves, parks, city flashes and museums will rekindle your excitements.

Bestowed with some of the most breathtaking sightseeings and beauty of nature, Kansas obviously titillates you to explore its every corner. Take up a judicious task to choose some Places to Visit in Kansas sightseeing spots before starting the trip, rather than vagabonding aimlessly. If it is nature you wish to adore, then the serenity of the Loose Garden, galore with rose gardens, fountains and lakes, is one of the best places to start with. Beautiful and dramatic, the Cave Spring Interpretive Center, a 36 acres historic site, with hiking trails, wildlife and pond habitats, will tap every corner of your mind. Alternatively, the unusual geological formations in Rock City, Minneapolis and the Mushroom Rock, Kanopolis displays the wonders of nature. The awesome site with queer rock formations, found no where else throughout the world, can also be your favorite place for its calmness and picnicking scope.

For those, who often find the state flat and boring, the World’s Largest Prairie Dog, Oakley is best to stimulate some fun and excitement. Driving around the state brings you across a billboard that advertises the Prairie Dog town. Weighing around 8000 pounds, the gigantic stature of the construction overshadows the Prairie town below it. Just awesome for any traveler, the town is a must see Kansas tourist spot. Awe-inspiring artifacts at the Garden of Eden in Lucas are worthy to be gazed if you happen to drop in this state. An ethnic site amidst outlandish glitter of the cities, the garden is known for its limestone sculptures, political statements, historic arts as well as biblical scenes, are best to be photographed.

Travel more, and you can come across the artistic prowess and common Places to Visit in Kansas. Art and craft has blossomed in every part of the state, which will make your trip thought-provoking and interesting. Typically, the art collections in the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site, showcases the artistic mastery of Thomas Hart, a 20th century artist. If you have a passion for art, spend hours to contemplate and study the depth of art. Further, you will be deeply mistaken, if you miss the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City that has broken various records for its size. The America Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison and the Boothill Museum in Dodge City are also notable must see tourist places in Kansas.

List of must see Kansas sightseeings:

  • America Earhart Birthplace museum in Atchison
  • Boothill Museum in Dodge City
  • World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City
  • Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site
  • Garden of Eden in Lucas
  • World’s largest Prairie Dog, Oakley
  • Rock City, Minneapolis
  • Mushroom Rock, Kanopolis
  • Cave Sprin

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