I have been to New England a couple of times, and, indeed, wouldn’t mind yet another trip to walk past picturesque vistas, salubrious parks, and the historical marvels. ‘History and tradition amidst cool surroundings,” – that’s what engulfs my thoughts whenever I am at the must see New England sightseeings. Beauty is in its variegated forms in New England – so much so – even the locals often get smitten by its effulgence. While it has become quite a habit for me to traverse every nook and corner of the city, owing to my awareness of the transport and major sightseeings in the region, the newer travelers will surely get stupefied by the bounteous markets, wonders of nature and the all-beautiful endless tourist spots. For anyone to check out the Places to Visit in New England, extensive reading and introspection into the facts of the region is required. But, why New England? Quite obviously, the vastness and the grace of nature in the region is what lures you. Encompassing 6 states, namely – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut — the region looks seemingly beautiful for its sun-bathed seashores swept by the sea and gardens adorned with lush green lawns and diverse flora.

I would say, if you are a first time visitor, get a guide or any local companion to check out major sites in the region. Being practically impossible to complete all — even in months — an intelligent travel plan is a must. The Walden Pond State Reservation — a preferable must see New England sightseeing — is the one you may give a try to cherish the silence of nature and the breathtaking surrounding. Hidden from the road and cut off from the cities, the place resides amidst quaint timber woods, initially the home of Henry David Thoreau. A heady feeling seeps in after you climb Mount Auburn, covered with dense forests. The location also has a cemetery you can pass over while ambling along the woods. ‘Ultimate beauty’ — I would say to anyone who accompanies me to the Bash-Bish Falls State Park. A short journey from the village of South Egremont to the hilltops of the Southwest Corners of Massachusetts – home to the Bash-Bish State Park – brings you amidst dense verdures cuddled by a crimson cloud that emerges as fog over the twisty pathways. Others like The Litch Field Hills along route – 7 and the scenic valley of Crowford Notch are also must-see tourist attractions in New England.

While nature is at its prime in every corner of the region, the historical artifacts, architectures and the museums of the region can’t be ignored either. The Lincoln Park in Lincoln in Rhode Island and the New Phillip Glass House in New Cannan, Connecticut, are places where I dropped by, to draw some knowledge of history and culture. Art is another feature frequently nurtured in New England. The vast plethora of contemporary art forms in the Institute of Contemporary Art is must-see New England arts. Spend enough time in here, gaping and contemplating at the paintings and the art forms. This will obviously give you are a fair idea about the history and evolution of the region.

You are lucky if you are here at the right season to check out multiple fun activities. Tourists here have the chance to climb the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory to get a panoramic view of the Maine city, or even enjoy the thrill of riding the twisted rides at the Wiggles World at Six Flag New England, Agawarm, Massachusetts. There is no one person in New England who are ignorant about the Coco Key Water Resort or the new gaming destinations in Rhode Island. Hence, both these Places to Visit in New England also deserves to be in your itineraries.
So, get aboard. Just enjoy your New England Tour.

List of must see New England sightseeings:

  • Rhode Island
  • Coco Key Water Resort
  • Wiggles World
  • Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
  • New Phillip Glass House
  • Lincoln Park in Lincoln
  • Litch Field Hills
  • Crowford Notch
  • South Egremont village
  • Bash-Bish State Park
  • Mount Aubern
  • Walden Pond State Reservation

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