Ohio has everything, one wishes to have on a holiday trip anywhere — but obviously is rarely offered. After a rather monotonous journey from Los Angeles, it was almost mid-afternoon, when we reached Ohio. The serenity and pleasant scenic beauty of the state are worthy to behold. For the tired travelers, must see Ohio sightseeings are perfect to relax and sojourn in the suburbs amidst cool mountains and silent jungles. While I was more keen to spend time and relax in the resorts aside the beaches, what bewildered me were the airy city parks, the glittering market places, and the dramatic scenery of the state parks, waterfalls, and the cliffs. For the daring ones, Places to Visit in Ohio exposes a wide plethora of activities for the adventure-lovers. A camping trip along the forests or a climb to the summit are excellent experiences you can gather while you are here. Get all wet in the Ohio River and also don’t forget to try out the beach games with the locals.

Accompanied by a woman all throughout the tour, it was obviously the market places and the luxuriant shops that found precedence over the other Places to Visit in Ohio. While I was not in the best of my mood to tolerate a tedious ramble around the busy streets in the city, constant hassle by my shop-alcoholic fellow-traveler (a woman) made it hard to escape the torture. However, the experience was not too bad, as I would always say. While we actively ambled all throughout the state — marketing for the best souvenirs and craftworks- there were some that deserve mention. Say, the Avenue at Tower City in Cleveland — packed with restaurants, pubs and glittering shops — or the shops galore at Cincinnati — one of the favorites must-see tourist attractions in Ohio, for its nightlife and diverse shopping scopes. “Endless — absolutely endless” – I reiterated, to enlighten my trip-partner about the vastness of the markets. Not quite effected by my blabber, next it was turned for the markets in Columbus, one of the best places for shop-crazy people. Thus, we further wandered in the lanes of the East and West Side Markets in Cleveland getting face to face with myriads of another weary male -travelers and husbands, subject to female tyranny.

Hectic all-day marketing packed our bags with art souvenirs, clothes, electronics and cosmetics. Though fully exhausted, yet not down yet to forget a trip amidst beauteous nature. For this, it was the Ohio State Parks we planned out to catch the wild animals at their prime and the joyous birds flying over us. There is nothing more exciting than the state parks in Ohio that keeps your blood flowing. The state has as many as 70 state parks — all must see Ohio sites — that are adorned with green fields, vacuous barren lands and green sprawling forests. It is the miles of walk through the trails in the state park that will be indeed exciting for all. Soon, it was the Hocking Hills State Park that enchanted us with its queer cosmic beauty. Next, it was the Mohican State Park. And next, a long drive checking out the sites in the Houston State Park was our favorite foray. All is not over, until, you take your kid to the most-visited Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and spend hours before you finally pack your bags to check out the historical sites. A place perfect for the kids to enjoy an exciting evening, the zoo is filled with various animals, birds, and rare species of reptiles.

Head straight to the historical sites next. May it be the fantastic contemporary art collections in the Cleveland Museum of Art or the knowledge exhibits at the Great Lakes Science Center, you will be sure-shot impressed by the variates of history and science in these must see places in Ohio. Next, it was obviously the melodious tunes at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland that grasped our emotions. An incredible journey from the old musical stars to the latest ones would obviously leave you in trance. The Ohio State Fair and the Pro-Football Hall of Fame are placed you may try out as well, to further enhance your fun.
Ohio is indeed worth a shot.

List of must see Ohio sightseeings:

  • Ohio State Fair
  • Pro-Football Hall of Fame
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Great Lakes Science Center
  • Houston State Park
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • Mohican State Park
  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • East and West Side Markets in Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Ohio River
  • Avenue at Tower City in Cleveland

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