Tennessee — the land of the music lovers, stupendous terrains and vistas, and an eventful history, heartily welcomes you to its beauty, historical vigor and melodious beats of Rock & Roll. So much to see. Take your time to explore the variegates of the must see Tennessee tourists spots, and delve deeper into the history of Rock and Roll. Exciting stuff, right! Pass through the historical edifices or the museums, just to know more about your favorite pop/rock stars of the yesteryears. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Charlie Rich are names associated with the state, who started their careers from Memphis, Tennessee. However, the ancient history of the state, is not all colorful and gay. Leaving the joyous tunes of guitar strings, step further past, and you may shudder to know about the bloodsheds in the Civil War at Knoxville and the continuous racial strife. May it be the demeaning historical events or Rock and Roll, the pride of Tennessee, the must see places in Tennessee, will surely impress you.

To quench your wanderlust, plan out a travel today to anywhere in Tennessee. Sort out a trip plan to visit some of the major sites, whether unusual or landmark, that fancies you the most. If you are with your family venture out the museums and the heritage Places to Visit in Tennessee. The Frank H. McClung Museum in the precincts of the university of Tennessee, Knoxville may inspire you to grope for your history books.

Packed with exhibits on Archeology and ancient events connected to the Natives of Tennessee, Egyptian culture, Decorative Arts, Human Origins as well as fresh Temporary Mussels, the museum deserves to be a primary family vacation getaway. The Historic Tennessee Theater can be your next aim while in Knoxville, to enjoy and relax amidst the classic aura of this 1928 movie palace that frequently entertains music concerts, dance performance as well as theaters. Alternatively, The Smokie Mountain Region, quaint parks like Nathan Bedford Forest State Park, Natchez Trace State Park and the lushly Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountains are best to cherish solitude.

Nashville and Gatlinburg are cities you can’t afford to miss while in this trip. At Arrowcraft — A shop of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, Gatlinburg buy your favorite contemporary crafts and also avail weaving, pottery, woodworkings, glass, metal artistry and many more. The science freaks, can have a stunning experience at the 4D virtual reality journey with a a six channel surround sound, in the Ripley’s Moving Theater. Don’t forget to indulge yourself into rare spices and shakers at The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum & Smokey Mountain Spices. The country infact can be endless if you try out all the Places to Visit in Tennessee. The wonders of Nashville and the historic importance of Memphis is heart touching. The comeliness of the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art and the outstanding artistic collections by Aaron Douglas, Georgia O’keeffee and Pablo Piccaso in the Fisk University Galleries, make Nashville an interestinPlaces to Visit in Tennessee. The scary alleys in the Bell Witch Cave at Adams still remains one of the most haunted places in America, and can’t be missed either. A must watch, Beale Street Historical Museum talks about the history of music, the Rock and Roll legends who were born here, and the great migration of the African Americans. For the Elvis lovers, the Elves Presley Graceland us a must watch, if you wish to know about his super-stardom and his days of struggle. Apart from heritage, take a tour of the nature sites and walk along zoos and aquariums in Memphis, Nashville as well as Knoxville, to aggravate excitement. The glitzy pubs, bars, discotheques and ofcourse the plush market places are inevitable for any tourist.

Tarry in Tennessee for a month and the picturesque vistas, and the dramatic Smokie Mountain Region will surely recall you for a second trip.

List of must see Tennessee sightseeings:

  • Frank H. McClung Museum
  • Smokie Mountain Region
  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Knoxville
  • Elves Presley Graceland
  • Beale Street Historical Museum
  • Bell Witch Cave at Adams
  • Fisk University Galleries
  • Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
  • The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum & Smokey Mountain Spices
  • Ripley’s Moving Theater
  • Arrowcraft — A shop of the Southern Highland Craft Guild
  • Nathan Bedford Forest State Park
  • Natchez Trace State Park
  • Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountains
  • Historic Tennessee Theater

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