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San Blas Islands, Panama

Fast Facts
Location:In the Caribbean Sea from Panama Cost to Colombia Coast
  • Attraction type: Archipelago
  • Significance: A pristine paradise in the Caribbean
  • Best Time to visit: All through the year
  • How to reach: By flight from Panama City; OR by rented boat from Colon
  • Nearest Airport: Panama City Airport
  • San Blas Islands, Panama is a Caribbean Sea paradise where you get transported back by centuries. These islands exude an indifferent charm of independence as exhibited in the lifestyles of the inhabiting Kuna Indian tribesmen. The sun, surf, and sand blend harmoniously with the traditions and distinctive culture of these local Indians. Their music, dance forms, and outfits are filled with exuberance, which is difficult to shun. Whether you come here for a tranquil vacation or thrilling water adventures, Panama Sans Blas would meet all your desires.
    San Blas Archipelago is a group of about 375 islands extending from Panama coast to Colombian border in the Caribbean Sea. Among these only about 50 are inhabited where Kuna Indians have preserved their traditions for centuries. The moment you set foot in San Blas, you go back to the time when Christopher Columbus first visited this place. Only very recently has this Caribbean group of islands opened up to tourists, who are not wasting the slightest opportunity to explore Coco Blanco, Kagantupu, and Achutupu.

    San Blas Activities

    Many of the islands surrounded by reefs allow safe swimming and snorkeling possibilities. Fish and other marine fauna would baffle you. The crystal blue water allows a clear vision of several meters under surface. Corals of amazing colors are simply brilliant. Please note that diving is not allowed in the waters of San Blas. In the shallow waters around Achutupu you would be thrilled to see a ship-wreck. If you love sailing, then San Blas Islands in Panama is the perfect venue for a trouble free escapade. Anglers might be encouraged at the possibility of catching tunas or sergeant fishes.

    The beaches allow lazing in a hammock tied between two palm trees. There is nothing that can disturb your solitude in these calm beaches. You might also discover the local villages where women weave fabric and design them with geometric patterns or images of animals and fishes.

    Staying in San Blas Islands, Panama

    San Blas Resort is the best place to stay while visiting this enchanting place. This resort assures you of all modern comforts in this island paradise. Running water, electricity round the clock, elegant furnishings, and private bathroom are some of the amenities that are offered in this resort. The greatest bonus is the fabulous and unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea from each of its guest rooms.

    The food served here is prepared from fresh ingredients and is unthinkably delicious. Coconut water is a vital ingredient in Kuna cuisine, which also includes rice, kidney beans and yucca. Lobsters, shellfish, chicken and beef recipes would delight non-vegetarians.


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