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Times Square, New York

Fast Facts

Location: New York in USA
Time to Visit: All over the year, especially in New Year's Eve
Admission Fee:
How to Reach: Located in the central part of New York, Times Square can be easily reached by various modes of transport like buses, cars, metro etc.
Nearest Railway Station: Times Square—42nd Street
Nearest International Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport
Time required for sightseeing: 2-3 hours

You are walking through one of the busiest streets of the most modern of cosmopolitan cities. The usual urban bustle leaves you somewhat grounded and somewhat lonely at the same — the loneliness that comes only in a crowd. You pause for a look around you — it is mad rush. Suddenly, you hear church bells — you are transported - as if you do not belong there any more. Surprised, you look up — all that greet your eyes are lights, buildings, advertisements — but somewhere the church bells, with its enchanting resonance, give meaning and worth to every fleeting object that surround you. You are in Times Square, New York — where tradition and modernity embrace on a platform of mutual acceptance. No wonder, it is one of the most interesting cityscapes of the present world. It is, indeed, inspiring in a strange and unique way.

Times Square is a major meeting point in the Manhattan area of New York City. It is located at the intersection of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretches up from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. It is the most happening place of New York and is famous for the Broadway theatres, cinemas, commercial houses, designer shops and other attractions. It is aptly said that the Times Square never sleeps.

By the end of the 19th century, New York became a well known commercial and urban center and gradually stretched up to the 42nd street. This area soon became the center of the city's social hustle and bustle. In the year 1904, the Times Tower was build by the New York Times on the 43rd street just adjoining Broadway. The new building was made to replace the Downtown premises. Formerly the street was known as Longacre Square, but after the Times Tower was built, it was renamed as Times Square.

The inauguration of the new headquarters of the New York Times was celebrated with great pomp and splendor with great display of fireworks on New Years Eve. The first ball lowering ceremony from the rooftop pole of Times Square was held on the New Year's Eve of 1907. Since then, this tradition is considered to be a unique trait of the area and still continues today.

You will be among those luckier few if you happen to be at Times Square on New Year's Eve. Every year as the clock approaches midnight on 31st December, the eyes of the entire world turn towards Times Square. The area erupts with dazzling lights and energy as the clock strikes twelve. The New Year's Eve celebrations at Times Square is not just a symbolization of New York, it in fact signifies a global tradition of welcoming the coming year. Around one million people flock the area to watch the New Year's Eve celebrations. The Waterford crystal ball is lowered from the pole atop the building with everybody counting down 10-9-8”¦ with the clock approaching twelve. The whole area erupts in mad revelry as the time reaches midnight. The New Year celebrations also consist of colorful pyrotechnic display, star-studded musical and dance performances, pom-poms, confetti displays and so on.

Today, Times Square in New York is an iconic nerve center of the city. It symbolizes the urban vibrancy of the Manhattan. The streets of Times Square are filled with Broadway theaters, designer shops, animated neon and LED signs and other awe inspiring features of modern civilization. The dazzling bill boards and lights of the area now competes Las Vegas. The signs in the Times Square are known as "spectaculars". Some notable bill boards and signs in the area are the Toshiba billboard and the curved seven-story NASDAQ sign. The Toshiba sign is capable of broadcasting images up to 1080p resolution while the NASDAQ sign is 120 feet high. Recently, a number of companies have also started building environmentally friendly billboard powered by solar and wind energy.

To enjoy a wonderful shopping and dining experience, visit the Times Square. The area is home to a number of designer shops, renowned shopping chains, restaurants, bars and cafíé. Have an experience of a lifetime by walking thorough the streets of Times Square.

Being a well known commercial center, renowned companies and corporate houses also have their offices in Times Square. Some of the leading corporate giants and companies who have their bases in the area are Bertelsmann, Ernst and Young, Lehman Brothers, Thomson Reuters, Morgan Stanley, The New York Times Company, MTV Networks. The area is also famous for its landmarks. Some of the renowned landmarks are Coca-Cola Sign, Virgin Megastores, The Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square Studios, Chevrolet clock and others.

Travelers to the Times Square, particularly during the New Year season, make it a point to capture the festivities on camera. For some wonderful audio-visual accounts of the Times Square along with the New Year celebrations, click on these links: For a view of the vibrant streets of the Times Square and the busy daytime streets of the The Manhattan, watch this video! For an exciting view of the New Year celebrations at the Times Square, including the countdown and the fireworks that follow it, watch this video! Another exhilarating view of the New Year Celebrations at the Times Square in Time Square, New York. Click on this video to watch the countdown, the ball drop and the New Year performances, complete with the thousands of people who gather at the spot for the celebrations. For an authentic traveler's view of the New Year revelries at the Times Square in New York, read this article. It is very interesting read, and highly informative as well. For important travel related information on a visit to the Times Square, read this blog. You may find the information useful before a visit to the Manhattan.


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