‘Wow! Abode of the Gods!’ — cried out my co-traveler, elbowing a jab in my hips. His eyes gleamed with admiration and his voice chocked with thrill. Yes! Wisconsin can benumb even the most agile person in the world. If you are still fogged by the dazzles of the city, it is time to a break from the glitz and free your spirit in the must see Wisconsin wilderness or get awed by the benign historical architectures.

Being surrounded by Wisconsinites throughout the travel, I was pretty amazed to see that even some of the locals were all-consumed by the green fields and the queer geological formations of the state. Obviously, it is the ethereal charm of the state that overpowers your ability to think sensibly. When it is beauty and excitement, the ‘happy-go-lucky’ lifestyle of the villagers or the rich tapestry of art in the museums will knock at your heart. Don’t limit only to the must see places in Wisconsin, but stretch to the city attractions or even ply to the less-visited locations.

Are you still wondering What To Do In Wisconsin then you must surely find out. You know what,Irrespective of whether you are a local or an outlander, the state looks inviting no matter whether it is the river shores, the verdures of the forest or the eventful cities. Whether you are with your family or alone, the must see Wisconsin tourist places overtly welcome you with equal gratitude. My first visit to Wisconsin was rather unusual.

Accompanied by a Wisconsinite travel freak, I managed to take a judicious decision to check out the Wisconsin Dells, distracting myself from the glittering bars and the tongue-tingling sumptuous food. The site that stores dozens of water parks, hushed me for a moment before I could perceive the beauty of the surrounding vistas. Best for a family vacation, the park seems to be adorned with majestic sandstone cliffs sprawled with green trees jutting out from the rock crevices.

The environment intensifies at the interiors, beautified with lakes, boating scopes, artificial water parks, clubs and resorts. For further nature, take a trip to the Door County, a finger shaped peninsula that separates the Michigan Lake from the Green Bay. If you are tired with the continuous humdrum of the cities, then Wisconsin is perfect, promising you with solace and unruffled silence. While you may have different choices, for me it is the Apostle Island National Lakeshore that stole my heart. Situated at the coast of the Norther Wisconsin, here you will love to hike, picnic with family, trek, enjoy bird watching, animal watching and many more.

‘There it is, the Waterfowl?’, yelled the young Wisconsinite traveler, almost scaring the tiny duckling with his glee. The next moment we were all gaping at the ducks and geese that painted the entire Green Bay, one of the largest freshwater estuaries in the state and a favorite home for the migrating Waterfowls during spring. Others like Sensiba Estate Wildlife Area, Barkhausan Waterfowl Preserve and the Peshtigo River State Wildlife Area are must see places in Wisconsin to view Waterfowls. For the red-faced Wader/the rarest Whooping Cranes, the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is the best place to visit. Carry your camera to the Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area, Wyalusing State Park or the Baxter’s Hollow to capture the colorful Song Birds.

For the history lovers, the state is home to multiple historical edifices and museums that takes you to a different era. While me and my friend (the Wisconsinite) trudged over the Aldo Leopold Environmental History Trail in Old World Wisconsin, we were flipped over by the enchanting prospects with lush green meadows, mountain terrains, green woods and prairie lands. Obviously, Old World Wisconsin, a must see Wisconsin site, is the place for you to gaze at the heart touching beauty of nature. For further exploration or delving deeper into history, the Frank Loyd Wright that restores countless prodigies of Wright’s Designs, has also opened the Wright-designed Seth Peterson Cottage for rentals. For the museums, it is best to come in touch with a local, as the state is one of a kind as far as art is concerned. Notch your thirst to know more about Wisconsin by gaping at the EAA Air Venture Museum, Wisconsin Maritime Museum and Milwaukee Art Museum, absolutely brilliant tourist attractions in Wisconsin. Walk into the House on the Rock to get mesmerized by its stature, bezzire art collections and the 2000 lights that shimmers amidst grim darkness.
Best of all, you’ll love Madison, the capital of Wisconsin for its luxuriant markets, cool tourists resorts and multiple sightseeings. Better migrate to Wisconsin, then! What say?

List of must see Wisconsin sightseeings:

  • House on the Rock
  • EAA Air Venture Museum
  • Wisconsin Maritime Museum
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Frank Loyd Wright
  • Old World Wisconsin
  • Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area
  • Wyalusing State Park
  • Baxter’s Hollow
  • Green Bay
  • Sensiba Estate Wildlife Area
  • Barkhausan Waterfowl Preserve
  • Peshtigo River State Wildlife Area
  • Apostle Island National Lakeshore
  • Michigan Lake
  • Door County
  • Wisconsin Dells

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