Must see places in Atlanta – if that’s what you are looking for, then stop by every corner of the city. The spark of the street lamps may be blinding or the lofty buildings may be frightening at times, but the flicker of the neon lights at the pubs and the discotheques indeed make Atlanta an epitome of glamor and splendor. On the contrary, the quaint and laid back suburbs or the succulent surroundings of the city parks seem to revolt against the artificial glitz of the urban center. The city is a mix of all, may it be sitting aside the placid lakeshores, nibbling the spicy delicacies at the downtown restaurants or getting high in the over-priced pubs. The must see Atlanta tourist spots, like the other cities, portrays the plushness of a typical U.S. city, which you will love to put in your vacation itinerary.

A city that looks charged – up with variegated lights, hip stirring music of ‘Ludacris’ and young girls strutting around with minuscule essentials, is a host to the summer Olympics, a throbbing fiesta for the locals and outsiders alike. No wonder, the must see Atlanta sightseeings stir a typical madness among travelers who are wooed a thousand times to come back for a second trip. To start with, Stone Mountain Park is one of the best places to drop by. Think about lazying around or taking a dip into history, and this place would open the doors to 3300 acres of natural beauty and varied attractions and entertainments. The unusual landscapes or the stone formations are not all you can gaze at. The town of the Crossroads takes you back to the ancient times of the 1870s to peep at their unique lifestyle. The exciting new Sky hike and the 4D theater are excellent places to check out while you are in Stone Mountain. Take a trip to the summit of the peak by the Skylift to cherish the surrounding panorama, or try out The Ducky’s Adventure, the Scenic Rail Road, Antebellum Plantation or others. To further feast your eyes with nature, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, a known must see the place in Atlanta, has varieties of plant species and hybrid orchids that will surely lay engraved in your mind. The Atlanta Zoo and the Cochran Mill Park, storehouses of numerous wild animals and endangered species are also must see tourist attractions in Atlanta.

A city that is predominantly known for its boundless vibe, is also bounteous with historical sites and museums that invites you to its history. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic site is an eminent place you may think of visiting, to delve into the life and contribution of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It also depicts historic examples that throws light on the Civil Rights Movement. Making it a further important must see the place in Atlanta, is the presence of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where you can come across traces of the lifestyle of the king’s family. To contemplate and get awed by the glorious past of the state, a visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum is a must. The Fox Theater and the nationally acclaimed Alliance Theater are also noteworthy for putting forward the culture and tradition of the city. Also be prepared to get lost amidst the artistic prowess of the High Museum of art that stores photographs, paintings, and various other art exhibits. The Center for Puppetry Art and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History are also preferable places to research on art and culture.

If you are a sports freak, catch up the Atlanta Braves baseball game or the Atlanta Hawks basketball tournament, commonly considered to be must see Atlanta spots. A city that is distinctively known for plush markets and sumptuous delicacies, a sip of wine or dinner at the Sundial Restaurant Bar & View will be memorable, not just for the food but also for the breathtaking view of the city downtown.

The impressive blend of fun, excitement, and sightseeings in Atlanta, making it a marvelous vacation getaway.

List of must see Atlanta sightseeing:

  • Stone Mountain Park
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Atlanta Zoo
  • Cochran Mill Park
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum
  • Alliance Theater
  • Fox Theater
  • Atlanta Braves baseball game
  • Atlanta Hawks basketball
  • Sundial Restaurant Bar & View
  • Crossroads

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