Most travelers would be quite biased in listing the must see Dallas attractions, owing to the difference in choices. While for some, it may be the gardens in Dallas that are more appealing, others may find the malls and the shopping experience more exciting. No matter what it is, anyone visiting the northern half of Texas, should pay a visit to some of the exquisite Texan attractions in the city. If you are trying to figure out the must see places in Texas, here are certain tips that will clarify your doubts. While there are no criteria to judge the top attractions in Dallas, yet most tourists travel here to view specific spots that reflect the true substance of the city.

Dallas is a city spread out with various sightseeings. Many of them are hardly visited, yet are brilliant when it comes to beauty, history and charm. Infact, the list of must see places in Dallas is so long that it becomes difficult to choose a handful. To start with the trip, you can always start with the Ameriquest Field (Ballpark in Arlington), a baseball field in Dallas. If your are on a trip to Dallas, don’t miss the museums and the shops of the place that take you through a journey into the baseball history and bring forward the great stories and contributions of eminent baseball players.

The next most touching must see Dallas site is the Arboretum, situated on the suburbs of the city. The Arboretum is a break from the statuesque skyscrapers and the din of the Dallas city. It takes you to a different world of solitude and serenity accompanied with picturesque vistas. Here you can view the beautiful flora of the garden and the white Rock Lake. Situated on the shores of the this lake, the site looks marvelous at sunrise and sunset. To further discover Dallas, it is necessary that you vagabond throughout the city to collect souvenirs that the city has in store. Visit the market places and the effervescent malls or the famous spas to enjoy a relaxing vacation. As for the other must see places in Dallas, step back into history and pay homage to the great President John F Kennedy by visiting the Dealey Plaza, a site where he was assassinated. In spite of being considered an infamous place, the site is beautifully maintained with parks and museums all around to pay respect to the most renowned President.

You can further extend your travel by visiting other interesting places. The Fort Worth Stockyard is one such must see Dallas tourist place you should target in trips like this. The place that emits a typical ethnic flavor mixed with modern American entertainment, is an amazing place for tourists. Opening up a wide array of tourism scope for outsiders, it has proved to be brilliant place for entertainment as well as knowledge gaining. Starting from lively shops, restaurants serving the best food, plush hotels to the historical attractions, the site has everything a traveler wishes for. Whilein Fort Worth, you can visit renowned tourist sites like Tarantula Train, Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Cowtown Coliseum and the Cowtown Opry that will take you back to the great past of the state when it was merely swarmed by tribal or later the stylish and rugged cowboy culture.

Must see places in Dallas not only constitute modern art, but the city is also home to uncountable architectural prodigies. The Nasher Sculpture Center that showcases the best pieces of work by Ray Nasher is a preferable weekend getaway for the locals as well. The pop culture of the Southfork Ranch and, the grandiose and beautiful surrounding of the Fort Worth Water Gardens are also must see tourist attractions in Dallas.

List of must see Dallas sightseeings:

  • Ameriquest Field (Ballpark in Arlington)
  • Dallas Arboretum
  • Dealey plaza
  • Fort Worth Stockyard
  • Nasher Sculpture Center
  • Southfork Ranch
  • Fort Worth Water Gardens

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