The repentance of missing a tour to Georgia will always cling in your mind forever. So to avoid regretting for missing experiences, plan out a trip to the must see Georgia sites. A south eastern U.S. State, the ethereal charm of the beaches in Georgia and the plush cities are enough to grasp the substance of the state. You will be taken aback by the fascinating city lights and the lush green pastures in Savannah, one of the top must see places in Georgia. The warm climate and the sun-bathed beaches are perfect holiday destinations to enjoy water and beach sports. Making the state more happening are the glamorous market places and the interesting historical and modern museums that are plentiful in the state.

To step into the quiescent countrysides and enjoy the beauty of nature, travel to the Northern half of the state to feast your eyes with the pristine beauty of the Northern Georgia Mountains. Other than just being an amazing place to tarry in small cottages amidst the enchanting greenery, you can even enjoy driving to the Richard B Scenic Highway, a must see Georgia sightseeing that will bring you in touch with the undisturbed solitude of nature. Next you can stop by a place named Helen for lunch and shopping. To further connect to nature visit the Chatahoochee River. While in winters it is best to photograph the surroundings of the river, summer time is more exciting if you rent a tube and float down the river.

To wash away all the stress and anxieties within you, delve deeper into nature in the Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta. A must see place in Georgia, the park is basically known for surrounding the mighty granite rocks. A perfect place for hiking or vagabonding, here you can aim for the summit of the peak or visit the old homes or even sit back at your hotel lawn at night and enjoy the laser show on the mountains. That’s not all. Your excitements will be maximum, when you will ride the roller-coasters or enjoy the tamed rides at Six Flags, a theme park.

It has long been observes that a visit to Georgia is actually futile for most tourists, if they do not visit the Georgia Aquarium. Though not too old, this Aquarium is by far, the largest Aquarium in the entire globe. Don’t forget checking out the pulsating city life of Atlanta, the capital city and one of the must see places in Georgia. Also, the heart touching beauty of Savanna is what you must not miss at any cost. Being one of the most beautiful city in the state as well as the country, the city is known for its long beaches, oak lined streets and the ethnic old styled buildings, which are beautiful places to see in Georgia. Visit the museums, taste some of the most spicy delicacies and ramble around the streets to admire the beauty of the place.

To make your trip further exciting, take a glimpse of some of the most renowned museums straggled throughout the state. The National Museum of Patriotism and the National Infantry Museum that showcase chronicles of the historic gallantry of the American army are must see places in Georgia. While you may get awed by the Cabbage patched kids at the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, you will be dumbstruck to see the architectural mastery of the Statue of Liberty Replica in Mcrae. Also the World’s largest peanut in Ashburn and the Georgia Guidestones in Nuberg are worthy to behold.

Find following list of What To See in Georgia?

  • Savannah
  • Northern Georgia Mountains
  • Richard B Scenic Highway
  • Helen
  • Chatahoochee River
  • Stone Mountain Park
  • Six Flags
  • Georgia Aquarium
  • National Museum of Patriotism
  • National Infantry Museum
  • Coke Museum
  • Babyland General Hospital
  • Statue of Liberty Replica
  • World’s largest peanut in Ashburn
  • Georgia Guidestones in Nuberg
  • Atlanta

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