Honolulu -must have come of this name quite often! More so, I would always say, the city is exquisite for its beaches and fair amount of history. On my recent visit to the must see Honolulu sightseeings, I was deeply moved by the enchanting prospects that surrounds the entire city. A beautiful mix of artificiality and natural vistas, is what makes this city special to me. For the city folks, obviously the bustle of Honolulu wouldn’t be much appealing. But don’t forget to check out the outskirts of the city , the beautiful beaches and the historical architectures of Honolulu. While the beaches are always crowded with youngsters and oldies flaunting their best swim suits and enjoying skin-tan in the sun, you can as well check out the quaint zoos in the city that pushes you amidst wildness to get a glimpse of wild animals at their prime. For the must see places in Honolulu, why not try out the plush markets and the vibrant nightlife of the city.

A hearty welcome at the Aloha Tower Market, a must see place in Honolulu left me elated. Though I had always been a typical city guy, this shopping center has something that is strikingly bold. Whether or not, you buy anything, the tower is best for providing an excellent panorama of the harbor. The glitzy interior with almost thousand shimmering lights that mixes to form an unusual effect, will leave you dazed. The boundless agility of the Honolulu people, in spite of a typically warm whether is impressive to notice. Since I always had a madness for beaches, I was unable to cling on to the artificialities of the city for too long. Instantly, my taxi driver turned the wheels towards one of the most famous beaches in the city, the Wakaki Beach. The beach is perfect for holiday making. Thickly populated with tourists basking in the sun, fringed with palm trees on its sides that ends where the plush hotels and restaurants takes precedence, the beach depicts a perfect blend of nature and artificialities. The Wakaki Beach may keep you engrossed with its charms, but there are other beaches as well that needs to be checked out. Fun is at its abundance in Honolulu. Storehouse to some of the best and the safest beaches in the world, you can enjoy everything starting from canoing, swimming to surfing . For those looking for further must see Honolulu sites, the Kahaloa and Ulukpu beaches are perfect to walk for hours, or try surfing if you are game for it. Standing atop the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, I got some of the best sunrise photos ever obtained throughout my life.

Take a break from the beaches and the markets. The Honolulu Zoo can be your next must see Honolulu destination if wishing to get a sight of some of the most exotic animals, wandering around freely in the open forests. I was rather stunned on a twilight tour into the wilderness. Thrilling stuff! Watch the the wildest animals in their hunting mood, hovering around you. The experience will be evermore enhanced when you listen to some of the jungle sounds that fills the entire air. Plan a visit to the Iolani Palace before Sunday, to view the intricate artistry on the furnitures or enjoy the Royal Hawaiian Band perform at the Kalakaua Coronation Bandstand. Leaving all nature sites and historical sites, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is also one of the major tourist destinations in Honolulu complete with turrets and vaulted archways. The beautiful view of the sea from your hotel room is pretty outstanding and attracts tourists to book for rooms.

Plan a trip early, before the right time for surfing or swimming is gone. Summers are the best for an Ideal Honolulu trip. So pack your bags, get set and go!List of must see Honolulu sightseeings:

  • The Honolulu Zoo
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel
  • Kahaloa and Ulukpu Beaches
  • Wakaki Beach
  • Aloha Tower Market
  • Iolani Palace

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