After the leaves have turned gray, the bone-cracking frost has departed and the humid summer welcomes the sun blazing atop on the Atlantic chrome, pack your bags for Indiana, to bask on the sea shores or lazy around in the cool rural meadows. Forgetting the must see Indiana sightseeings, an aimless drive straight across the main road drops you amidst vacuous suburbs, lovable and serene. Drive slow, cherish the lush green pastures alongside dramatic timberlands. For if you are a nature lover, the moment is perfect to walk through the profound solitude of the state parks, the national parks and the outskirts. The gurgling sound of the Ohio River rhymes with the twitter of the birds, leaving you with a heady charm. This state, bounteous with corns and soybeans, is ever boastful for its stupefying historical events as well. Must see places in Indiana – places where you can explore the true pulchritude and class of the state, can be further stretched to such historical sites, no matter whether gloomy or brilliant.

If the Indiana history reminds of the ancient Paleo-Indians hunting for giant Mastodons or the later more civilized Hopewell people who initiated horticulture, then the museums and the historical sites are also best places to gape at the evidences of the great French explorers, the ruthlessness of the French and Indian War, the hair-raising American Revolution and many others. To know more, tour the Hillforest Mansion that was built by Thomas Gaff to launch 33 businesses at a time. The building , a warehouse for everything from breweries, general stores to cotton plantation and silver mines is a must see place in Indiana. Details on history available at the J.F.D. Lanier State Historic Site, dedicates to Lanier, a successful financier, who stretched limitless financial support to the state during the civil wars. The Howerd Steamboat Museum and the Corydon Capital Sate Historical Site will recharge you emotionally. While the former is an eminent site with immense strategic importance, for being the largest shipland inyard in the country, the later is admirable for its historical artifacts and ethnic aura. The capital building and the Governor Hendrick’s Headquarter, or the peerless collections at the Civil War Battle Memorial can well be tourist destinations and your answer to What To See in Indiana .

Stopover at the Ohio River, not only to adore the shore lined vistas, but to hop around the other must see Indiana tourist attractions along its byways. The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial that brings back the memories of Abraham Lincoln on his childhood days, the Angel Mound that speaks on the lifestyle of the ancient humans who once inhabited the soil, and, the marvel of home architectures at the Reutz Home Museum are must sees.

‘Hoosiers’- as the locals in Indiana are known, is an outcome of an unknown source. But the state still withholds its age old tradition other than being equally famous for its classy cities and the must see Indiana sightseeings. Enjoy a hearty bird watching, hiking and lazy walks over the fallen yellow leaves at the Hoosier National Forest. The comeliness of the wilderness sprawled with picnic spots and backwater suburbs, calls on the travel crazy travelers and the families. If you are game for adventure, catch a glance of the twisted roads, the grueling cycling trails and the backbreaking jungle pathways. Walking along the byways of the Ohio River, drops you to queer land formations with the Wyandotte Caves that sheltered Pre-historic humans 3000 years ago. A must see place in Indiana, the site offers spelunking tours for the venturers. Breathtaking views of the Indiana Beach Amusement Resort, or the Indiana Dunes State Park and National Lakeshore, tends to nullify the tiresome journey and make you feel refreshed. Significant locations like Lucas Oil Stadium and Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the traditional Amish Acres and Shipshewana, are inevitable destinations for any first timer. Last but not the least, the thunderous waterfall and the 400 years old Devonian Fossil beds are best if you wish to explore geological history or gift your kid for an exciting vacation.

What to see in Indiana?

  • Hillforest Mansion
  • J.F.D. Lanier State Historic Site
  • Howerd Steamboat Museum
  • Corydon Capital Sate Historical Site
  • Governor Hendrick’s Headquarter
  • Civil War Battle Memorial
  • Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
  • Angel Mound
  • Reutz Home Museum
  • Hoosier National Forest
  • Wyandotte Caves
  • Indiana Beach Amusement Resort
  • Indiana Dunes State Park and National Lakeshore
  • Lucas Oil Stadium and Conseco Fieldhouse
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Amish Acres and Shipshewana

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