Las Vegas must sees are countless. Right from the heart pumping music and the raunchiness of the discotheques, the long stretches of beaches with action-packed water sports to the fun-filled exotic events, the must see Las Vegas attractions would heartily welcome you to the pulsating city life with spellbinding glitterati and charisma. It is both glamor and beauty that make Las Vegas a beautiful holiday spot for most travelers. In fact, the must see places in Las Vegas have an aura that are very much idyllic to the image that the city has. While most of us may connect Vegas to the gaudiness of the markets and the artificiality of typical city life, Vegas has more to it than just discos and bawdy parties. Here are some simple tips for you to check out the beauty of the city that lies behind the veil of the blinding glitter.

Though the city is more renowned for parting and merry-making, yet it frequently cheers up with events and shows, which are must see las Vegas attractions. The Freemon Street Experience is one such place that opens up a wide choice of entertainment scope for you. It is a pedestrian mall and is one of the major must see places in Las Vegas for its spectacular interiors and the sparkling lights. The place holds major importance for organizing plush events like Neon Museum at the Fremont Street Experience and the city’s annual New Year’s Eve. After you are awe-struck by the flickering neon lights of the casinos, get into the groovy night clubs. Make sure you have enough penny in your pocket to afford the overpriced drinks and the food. The Triest Night Club is what you should aim, if looking for a crazy party night. For the bachelors, it is the Las Vegas Bottle Service VIP Bachelor Party, while for the Children it is the Las Vegas Children’s Entertainment that is must-watch.

If you have a doubt as to What To See in Las Vegas, then you might be knowing it is also an excellent destination for nature lovers. May it be the thrill of looking at the Sharks swimming around you in the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay or the mind-blowing visuals generated by the Le Reve at Wynn, the must-see Las Vegas attractions are unmatched, no matter from whichever perspective you look from. To get a glimpse of the wonders of the city, visit the natural reserves and the cultural sightseeings. For instance, the artistic stocks of the Spring Preserve Botanical Garden are amazing to look through the culture and tradition of the city. Starting from the meandering pathways, the rare animal family to the children’s park and many more, this reserve is indeed a must see a place in Las Vegas. Walking out from the world of art and aromatic flora of the botanical garden, it is time that you venture out the barren lands and hikes the sandstone peaks in the Red Rock Canyon Natural Reserve. A place which is a storehouse of the mighty desert tortoise, desert snakes, and the Lomatium Parryi plant, is also a geological site that is surrounded by unusual rock formations and sandstone hills.

While most of the natural reserves and the botanical gardens in the city expose further secrets of nature and bring forth the amazements that still lie unearthed, the Madame Tasauds in Vegas is another must see Vegas tourist place that showcases the exemplary wax sculptures of renowned celebrities worldwide. Finally, before you leave make sure you taste the best chocolate that the city has to offer. Also, listen to the melodious classical music to depart with a smiling face. List of must see Las Vegas sightseeings:

  • Freemon Street Experience
  • Tryst Night Club
  • Las Vegas Bottle Service VIP Bachelor Party
  • Las Vegas Children’s Entertainment
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
  • Spring Preserve Botanical Garden
  • Le Reve at Wynn
  • Red Rock Canyon Natural Reserve
  • Madame Tussauds in Vegas
  • Beaches in Vegas

Check out the following links, for wonderful views of the Las Vegas strip: For a wonderful night time view of the fascinating Las Vegas strip, with all the lights, the major landmarks, hotels, and casinos, watch this video! To find out why the Las Vegas strip is considered to be a place almost out of this world, an unearthly paradise of lights and glitz, watch this wonderful aerial view of the place. For a view of the fabulous New Year celebration at the Las Vegas strip, which matches the glamour of any other place in the world, and often surpasses them, check this video out! You will know why it is one of the places you have to visit in a lifetime. Another wonderful aerial view of the Las Vegas strip. Check out the wonderful glamour and charm of the place.

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