What is similar between the drama film Bread & Roses directed by Ken Loach and the potboiler Austin Powers in Gold Member directed by Jey Roach? Or, for instance, the academy award winner Crank and the action-packed 3D sci-fi horror, Resident Evil series. All, with their dashing star-cast, and innovative direction are mostly shot in some of the favorite must see Los Angeles spots. They, with diverse story telling – may it be horror or action, comedy or romance, drama or sci-fi disaster film – have portrayed all facets of the city starting from historical sites, artistic prodigies, spectacular beaches to plush markets, sparkling shopping centers as well as the tranquil suburban dreamland. Overlooking the must see places in Los Angeles, the movies — over the years — have depicted the city as a hub for passionate romance, heinous crime, home to masterminds cracking a complex case, natural disasters – that has virtually destroyed the city on-screen a couple of time, a scientific breakthrough or even intense drama. Los Angeles, infact has submerged itself enough in the American milieu to get absorbed in the charm and the buoyant culture of the country.

I would rather say, the must see Los Angeles destinations are masterpiece in their own way, may it be the vociferous parties, the quint countrysides or the glittering market places with almost all kinds of brands overtly displayed for sale. Ever since I landed in the city, I struggled hard to stay away from the wine shops. Though I finally gave up, but the picturesque beaches anchored with the Pacific Sea, did help me find a momentary distraction from the titillation of the pubs and bars. Since, the luxuriant pubs and bars are often difficult to resist, so I pushed myself out of the city, to the pacific coasts of Malibu, to adore the secret, yet enchanting Leo Carillo State Beach and discover the hulking rock formations or more calm places, while the tide is low. A day here to cherish the silence is enough for any traveler. Next, subsequently aim for the Griffith Park Observatory before you get engrossed into the artistry of the museums. Completely amazing for the tourists as well and the locals, the observatory stands-out for offering a panoramic view of the ocean, the downtown as well as the Hollywood signs.

I often feel lazy to walk into museums or historical sites. The thought of heritage sites turns me weary and the paintings are often too complex for me to fathom. But surprisingly, the North Simon Museum of Art, the Chateau Marmont and the Santa Monica Pier, all being must see places in Los Angeles, flipped me over and a sudden wave of emotion arose from within. Sneak a peak into the North Simon Museum of Art to check out hundreds of art works and paintings tucked into one small area, or plan out a visit to the Chateau Marmont and the Santa Monica, to feast your eyes with rare art forms and other sites nearby. All is not over yet, until I have my sip of alcohol at the famed Sky Bar and check out the Hollywood Bowl, and the Hollywood and Highland. The entire area around the Sky Bar and Hollywood is glamorized with celeb glitz. Don’t get surprised if you come face to face with some of your favorite stars – costumed in their movie character – in the Hollywood and Highland sideways, or feel nervous to enjoy a drink or two with famous models at the Sky Bar. Also, don’t forget a visit to the Hollywood Bowl, a famous tourist destination in Los Angeles, or miss savoring the delicacies at the Pinks Hot Dogs.

Frankly, Los Angeles is a microcosm of everything, may it be the glitzy lifestyle, the cool outskirts, the celeb blitz or the over-priced buoyant party nights. So, time to tuck in enough dollars. Give a trip and enjoy the best moment of a lifetime.List of must see Los Angeles sightseeings:

  • Pinks Hot Dogs
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • Hollywood and Highland
  • North Simon Museum of Art
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Sky Bar
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • Leo Carillo State Beach
  • Studio Tour at Studio Tour Hollywood

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