Things to do in Minnesota

Minnesota is worth beholding. Not for its plush cities or for the pubs and discotheques that gushes alcohol even at midnight and tickles your mind to groove, drink and merry-make. However, though the city humdrum can be a viable option for you, yet the beauty of nature would always find precedence when it comes to must see Minnesota tourist spots. You can always be over-enthusiastic about exploring if you are at a place like this. No wonder, the state has got unparalleled recognition among nature lovers and explorers. May it be the cascading waterfalls hidden amidst the verdures of the national parks, the tiresome walking trails entwining the entire forest or the placid lakes spread all throughout the state, the must see places in Michigan, nurtures romanticism.

Minnesota, ‘ A Land of the Thousand Lakes’, nicknamed North Star State also seems interesting for multiple scopes for activities that keeps you occupied and on your toes. Enjoy hiking, forest explorations and trekking at some of the major nature sites of the state. As for the must see places in Minnesota, the Minnehaha Falls Park would be a brilliant option for anyone looking for solitude, beauty, greenery and art, all coalesced into one. While the spectacular of the waterfall is a must watch, you can as well get awed by the arduous cycling paths and the overall natural endowments in the park. Alternatively, at North Shore, everything that meets your eyes, may it be the cascades of the Hugh Falls of the Pigeon River, Devil’s Kettle on Brule River or the Hugh Falls of the Baptism River, all look naturally artistic.

If you are game for more fun or thrill, here’s the chance for you to walk deeper and unveil the untouched beauty of the Atlantic wilderness. Traverse the Gitchi — Gami State Trail, situated beside the Highway 61 in the Northern Shore of Lake Superior. Best for cyclists to get a view of Lake Superior with the Sawtooth Mountain terrains as its backdrop, the trail looks further stunning when it stretches across the woods of the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, a must see Minnesota tourist spot. Ply over the lakes in the Detroit City or lazy around its shores to relax and get a break from the noise of the city traffic. Commonly known as the ‘412 lakes’, it is also a best place for tourists to enjoy the glitterati at events like 4th of July Celebrations, the Northwest Water Carnival and the 10,000 Lakes Festival. Try fishing if you are in Minnesota and don’t miss a stroll across the Voyageurs National Park or the Minnesota Zoo.

Though, not a right place for the history lovers, yet, your craze for art and craft, or history and culture will surely get a boost at the Walker Art Center. Gifted with some of the best sculptures, paintings and photographs, the art instigates creative instincts. With contributions from some of the most known artists of the world from various fields including, drama, theater, dance, music and theater, the museum is one of the must see places in Minnesota. Located nearby is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Give a shot and view some of the most intricate contemporary art scattered throughout the vast area of the park. If you are not forgetting, the city markets are also places to check out at the end of all. The city life aptly describes the boundless vibe of the state and the luxuriant lifestyle of the city people. The Minnesota Mall looks splendid with 50 restaurants and bars, 400 shops and the famous camp Snoopy – the largest theme park in the area. Your kid will have a blast at the LEGO Imagination Center and the aquarium- the largest worldwide. Attracting as many as 35 to 40 million tourists every year, the mall is a must see for all.

Find here What to See in Minnesota:

  • Minnesota Mall
  • LEGO Imagination Center
  • Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
  • Walkere Art Center
  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Voyageurs National Park
  • Detroit City
  • Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
  • Northern Shore of Lake Superior
  • Gitchi — Gami State Trail
  • Lake Superior
  • Hugh Falls of the Pigeon River
  • Devil’s Kettle on Brule River
  • Hugh Falls of the Baptism River
  • Minnehaha Falls Park

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