New Jersey is a city with great history, beauty and eventful fairs. What makes this city dramatically attractive is its versatility as far as fun and sightseeings are concerned. Apart from visiting the must see places in New Jersey, here you can enjoy the fairs and the social activities that are frequently conducted. The Sussex County Fair, and the Meadowlands are two of the most significant fairs that you must visit if you are in New Jersey. As for sorting out the must see New Jersey tourist spots, it will be unfair, if you shrink your choice only to the historical places. The city looks resplendent with beautiful beaches and is also known for housing quiet forests with unique flora.

For those who have never been to the city, can breath out a sigh of relief as I have come up with a list of must see places in New Jersey, which are often frequented by tourists. First, it would obviously be the beautiful savannas and the forests in and around New Jersey. For instance, Wildwood. Distinctively famous for beautiful sceneries, serenity and vacuous beaches, Wildwood is also known for its firework shows at night. Sojourning in Wildwood will be an experience of a lifetime, owing to the boatwalk experience for which the place is actually famous. Though best to be visited during summers, yet you can always try it out for your winter vacations to enjoy the solitude. Attracting similar attention from tourists is the Long Beach Island that is known for its pristine beauty and azure sea water. Also a must see New Jersey destination for most, the place promises an amazing stay for tourists. Starting from bird watching to enjoying a brisk walk along the cool sea coasts, the island is perfect for your upcoming vacation. Before checking out the history sites, don’t forget the Six Flag Great Adventure — Jackson, a theme park. Though the entire country is spread out with parks, but at New Jersey, this theme park is known for its best DJ music and, creative fun games and activities.

The history of New Jersey is hair-raising. The vast array of historical sites in the city testifies the actual vigor of the Americans and their strife against the colonizers. First drop into the Washington Crossing in New Jersey that transfers you back to the time of the British colonization. Added to the striking historical importance of the place, the quaint atmosphere and the silent lake water also make it an amazing must see place in New Jersey to relax and cherish the silence. One of the best is the Fort Lee, that speaks of maximum historical eminence. The fort was specifically made to keep a vigil on the British fleet movements in the Upper and Lower New York Bay. The architectural mastery of the fort is worth admiring. Next, the laudable surrounding of the Middlebrook Encampment is another place that you must see. The green lushes with the enchanting backdrop of enormous trees make it is an excellent photographic destination other than being a historic site.

Don’t forget to visit the great Princeton Battle Fields and the renowned Washington Rock at the precincts of the city before you depart. Infact, historical sites in New Jersey are endless. The Jockey Hollow Winter Quarters for Washington’s Army in New Jersey, the Ford Mansion, Old Barracks at Trenton, Franklin Inn, Battle of Monmouth Courthouse and many more are must see New Jersey sites, which are distinctive for unwinding the historic events. Finally, don’t miss the Atlanta City if you are in New Jersey. The place is marvelous and is a must see attraction in New Jersey for its glitzy casinos and pubs.

List of must see New Jersey sightseeings:

  • Sussex County Fair
  • Meadowlands
  • Wildwood
  • Long Beach Island
  • Six Flag Great Adventure — Jackson
  • Washington Crossing in New Jersey
  • Fort Lee
  • Middlebrook Encampment
  • Princeton Battle Fields
  • Washington Rock
  • Jockey Hollow Winter Quarters for Washington’s Army in New Jersey
  • Ford Mansion
  • Old Barracks at Trenton
  • Franklin Inn
  • Battle of Monmouth Courthouse
  • Atlanta City

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