You may not expect this. That Oregon in USA, once inhabited by native Americans, until the Europeans invaded, is today one of the most flourishing economy in U.S.A is difficult to fathom. But, may it be the must see Oregon tourist spots or the hair-raising visual adventure, the state today promises to be a versatile tourist destination. You will be forced to think What To See In Oregon as there are so many places. Stand atop the summit of the mountains to watch birds flying over you or gape at the pine fringed hill slopes that often look gruesome at times. Even, the meandering pathways cutting through the wilderness of the national parks are no less pleasing than the ice-capped volcano with crater lakes. No wonder, the state has stolen the hearts of many, who hop around places looking for calmness and fun. Infact, to discover must see places in Oregon, seems rather difficult, but the comeliness of nature inspires you to endure even the severest voyages.

At the very first sight, after you step out of the Portland city airport, Oregon, what registers is the typical city hustle and the morning din that gradually fades away into the silence of Mount Hood, visible from most parts of the city during clear weather. Not one of those typical glamor cities, Portland is a queer blend of nature’s beauty and glistening skyscrapers. At Portland, walk through the markets or the quaint must see places in Portland to come across diverse attractions.

From the greenery of the Rhododendron Garden or the classic prospects of the Mt. Tabor Park to the scientific amazements in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the city promises breathtaking beauty, further enhanced by the Willamette River passing right through its heart. The verdant forests and the walking trails through the Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon is the base for multiple adventures and sports like picnicking, hiking, skiing, trekking etc. The pristine beauty of the terrains surrounding the pellucid Lake Cascade is a preferable distraction from the glitz of the city.

Next, wait and think? Would it be the coastals or the dark alleys of the caves, you want to check out first? Practically, both have their own charm. If the cave paths can thrill you with their rare rock formations and the scary darkness, then a long 110 mile drive along the North Oregon Coast will be enchanting. The journey will welcome you to a plethora of scenic wonders, historical artifacts and exciting activities. You will come across 15 state parks, gorges, the picturesque Cannon Beach and Hatstack Rock, the magnificent Lincoln City and various impressive lighthouses on the way. Why miss the most talked about, Crater Lake National Park, if you are in Oregon? Hands down, a must see Oregon tourist spot, the park looks all the more pleasing for its azure lake water and the surrounding snow-clad landscapes. Don’t miss a chance to photograph the Giant Caldera (commonly named Old Man of the Lake) that was created 7000 years ago by the collapse of Mount Mazama.

Your photography trials at the deepest core of nature’s wilderness in the Cascade Mountain Range will be invariably admired by all. Adorned with as many as 77 waterfalls that cascades steeply into the abyss of the rugged peaks, the Cascade Range has become a home for multiple recreations and sightseeings, of which the Multmulla Falls is a must see Oregon attraction. To check the vibe of the country, try out the casinos or visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Watch the mighty whales play in the oceans or enjoy a sip of the best wines at some of the major wineries of the country.

With all, Oregon will surely keep you engrossed with fun, festivals, adventures and nature.

List of What To See in Oregon :

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Cascade Mountain Range
  • Crater Lake National Park
  • Cannon Beach and Hatstack Rock
  • Lincoln City
  • North Oregon Coast
  • Bend, Oregon
  • Rhododendron Garden
  • Mt. Tabor Park
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Mount Hood

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