The reigning beauty and amazement of Puerto Rico is awe-inspiring. Scattered with natural astonishments, the must see places in Puerto Rico are testimonies of the wondrous marvel of nature. Located in the northeastern Caribbean, west of the Virgin Islands and east of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico is an archipelago consisting of the mainland Puerto Rico and several other smaller islands and keys. The mainland of Puerto Rico is the smallest of the four Greater Antilles. The positioning of the country itself draws tourists attention and almost all the places can be considered as must see places in Puerto Rico. If not for the long grasslands, the mesmerizing forests or the cerulean sea water, do visit this place to behold the natural wonders.

The green savannas of the country is very much unique to other forest regions of the world. The unusually breath-taking beauty of the woods in the national parks in Puerto Rico will leave a permanent impression on your mind. For example, if you visit the Rio Camuy Cave Park, you are bound to get engrossed in its uncanny beauty and charm. However, it is very difficult to visit all parks as only a small part of the park is accessible to tourists. A major chunk of the forest pathways are too arduous to visit. A must see place in Puerto Rico, the place is exciting to visit for its crater-like sink holes and two massive caves. The dramatic and gruesome environment of the forest enhances the excitement. Other than this, you can also view the illuminated 170-foot high Cueva Clara and the 400 foot deep Tres Pueblos Sinkhole. The awesomeness of the Spiral Sinkhole and Cave in the forest are also rare views in the world.

Further, the daunting La Parguera bay between Mayagez and Ponce and the Mosquito Bay in Vieques are renowned bioluminescent bays that are undoubtedly one of the must see places in Puerto Rico. Being one of the best destinations for scientists and researchers, these bays are distinctively famous for tiny microscopic organisms that emit phosphorescence in order to evade the attention of the predators. You can also visit the Laguna Grande in the Cabezas Nature Reserve in Fajardo to avail a similar experience. So, no matter what, nature will never want you to miss this amazing Puerto Rico tourist spot.

Puerto Rico is also marked with various historical monuments that throws light on the cultural and historical background of the country. While it is not possible to visit all the monuments, the San Felipe del Morro and the San Cristóbal are must see places in Puerto Rico. With their massive structure and the military importance, the monuments are unavoidable. Infact, your journey in this mystical world wouldn’t be complete if you do not capture these voluminous forts in your camera. If you are still unsatisfied and wish to further unravel the secrets of nature, visit the fantastic forests of the Toro Negro State Forest. The ravishing terrains of this forest with the hiking trails is one of the best tourist destinations in Puerto Rico. Other places like Arecibo Radio Telescope & Observatory, Hacienda Buena Vista, Gilligan’s Island, Luquillo Beach and Casa Bacardi Rum Distillery are places that you can visit.


The climate of Puerto Rico is tropical maritime in nature with slight variation of seasonal temperature. The temperature may vary from 21oC to 32oC and can go down a bit at night and in the mountains. June through November is the time for hurricanes. Daily rains can also be experienced during this time.


Air: Luis Muí±oz Marí­n International Airport (SJU) is the main airport of Puerto Rico, located near San Juan in Carolina. Direct flights are available from a number of cities in the US like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. You will also find flights from Toronto and Madrid.

Boat: You can also reach Mayaguez of Puerto Rico from the Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic by ferry service. Ferry services are also available from Fajardo to St. Thomas. You can also travel to the places like Cataí±o, Vieques Island & Culebra Island by ferry from San Juan and Fajardo.

Train: Tren Urbano is the fully automated rapid transit in Puerto Rico. It serves the metropolitan area of San Juan including the municipalities of San Juan, Guaynabo and Bayamón.

List of must see places in Puerto Rico:

  • San Cristóbal
  • San Felipe del Morro
  • BioBays
  • Camuy River Cave Park
  • Camuy River Cave Park
  • Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory
  • El Yunque
  • Casa Bacardi Rum Distillery
  • Hacienda Buena Vista
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • Luquillo Beach
  • Toro negro Forest & Lookout Tower

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