“Wanna go globe-trotting this vacation?”- asked my friend — an avid traveler — while I laid cuddled in the bed, reluctant to wake early on a Sunday morning. Weekends were indeed boring and turned me sluggish, until this time – a spark of energy was darted in me, on being asked about “Globetrotting”. Obviously, it was the next word from my friend — ‘the dream-intruder’ – that left an incessant gleam in my eyes. “We must see Utah tourist attractions!” – he cried aloud, almost barging in my dreamy world, dragging me out of it. Utah had always been in my foremost trip itinerary. And why shouldn’t it be? Utah is marvelous. May it be the awesome national parks, the dramatic landscapes in the outskirts, or the historical prodigies — well-known for hoarding intricate artistry, and paintings and crafts from adroit artists or craftsmen of the yesteryears. If you are on for some tantalizing excitement in the rugged terrains of the national parks or take a day off to sojourn amidst the serene environment of the outskirts, here — at the Places to Visit in Utah — you are exposed to a wide miscellany of sightseeings and enticing voyages.

On the next moment, we were out on our long-awaited road trip from Rupert in Idaho. A tedious drive through lush green meadows and vacuous countrysides — and ofcourse — accompanied with the warm weather, brought us to Ogden, which, far away from the bustle of the big cities, is excellent for tripping and relaxing amidst solitude. The small green town, Mountain Green — a must see Utah tourist destination — is tucked in the corner of Ogden City, as you move up to the Weber Canyon from the crowded market places of Ogden. And green it is indeed — a tiny township that seems convenient with a store cum gas station. Fill your oil tank and buy your necessaries before you finally throw yourselves into the landscapes of Morgan or drive over the mountains of Huntsville. Overlooking places like Riverdale and Peterson, the Capitol Reef National Park was our next foray to cherish the gruesome nature and her vagaries.

“This is it — this is what we were looking for!” – cried out my over-excited companion (friend), his hand wide open, as if embracing the divine virtues of nature. The daunting quietness of Capitol Reef — a must see place in Utah – and the rocks that jutted out perilously from the barren surfaces, seemed to revolt against the surrounding beauty. It was the appeasing quietness – devoid of tourists – that impressed us. Next it was that incredibly exciting hike all through the arduous terrains, gaping at the queer beauty of nature. The untouched silence haunted my senses and our breath seemed to echo amidst the jagged landscape. Apart from the maddening hike up to an altitude ranging between 6000 to 9000 feet, it is also the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument to the west and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on the south, you can visit.

Next, if you are talking about the Red Cliff National Conservation Area, one of the most sought after wild tourist destinations in Utah, then amble to St. George, to the heart of the red rocks — sun-bathed and dazzling. Our camera was our best friend here. Innumerable pictures were shot, may it be the scary cave paths, the weird shapes of the red rocks — as if spilled with blood – or the diverse animal species sauntering freely in the Mojave Landscapes, and the Colorado Plateau. With all these — and many more – the site indeed deserves to be one of the places to visit in Utah sightseeings. Even, acreages of the hike seemed tireless, owing to the picturesque narrow pool-filled gorges with green offsets of sprawling flora, that tends to boost your spirit. The place is further beautified by the Red Mountains, the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness and the Red Cliff Desert Reserves. Other sites in the state like the Delicate Arch at the Arch National Park and the Rainbow Bridge – one of the largest rock bridge and a sacred quest of the Navajos — looks resplendent for the gushing water flowing beneath it. An exciting Skiing experience at the Alta Skiing, the Great Salt Lake site and the prototype western movie setting at the Monument Valley are worth giving a try as well.
“An absolute stunner” – I would say. Utah is like a paradise — perfect to ramble and cherish the variegates of nature and cultural evolution.

List of must see Utah sightseeings:

  • Monument Valley
  • Alta Skiing
  • The Great Salt Lake
  • Delicate Arch at the Arch National Park
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness
  • Red Cliff National Conservation Area
  • Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Riverdale
  • Peterson
  • Morgan
  • Huntsville
  • Ogden
  • Weber Canyon
  • Temple Square
  • Great Gallery
  • Zion and Bryce Natl Parks

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