Vermont looks resplendent with architectural flamboyance, soothing charm of nature and historic museums. Also nicknamed “ The Green Mountain State”, the must see Vermont tourist spots are distinctively known for housing various amusement parks and plush restaurants. For a flashy party night, Vermont is a brilliant place to go pub hopping or grooving in the nightclubs or discotheques. And, this is not all. Vermont city is an outstanding getaway for those looking for a break from the humdrum of the city traffic. Walk past the coasts or saunter near the Miami River to breath in the fresh air. If the glistening skyscrapers isn’t successful in impressing you then vent to the quaint hills situates somewhere in the precincts of the city. Furthermore, if you are looking for what to see in Vermont, then don’t miss out the unruffled lake shores and the surrounding greenery.

Stop contemplating. Start with the trip without wasting much time on chalking out a trip plan. Just pack your bags and move anywhere your hearts takes you. If it is the imposing mountains that are luring you, then start of with the most famous, Green Mountain Flyers. The ethereal beauty of the hills, the endless darkness of the green forests and the meandering rail tracks entwining through the hill slopes, make the terrain picturesque. An inevitable must see Vermont destination for tourists, the place provides some of the best scenic beauty if you are on a train trip. In this 26 mile excursion you will come across the daunting Mills Gorge, the exquisite architectures of 2 covered bridges, neverendimg stretches of lush green farmlands and 2 river valleys.

From here you can drop by the Ascutney and the Bear Mountain. Both are must see tourist attractions in Vermont, not only for their scenery, but also for multiple fun scopes like skiing, camping, hiking etc. Don’t give up on your travel enthusiasm, until you have checked out the dramatic landscapes of the Bolton Valley or explored the rugged pathways of the Burke Mountains. The multiple activities and the fantastic prospects at the Jamaica State Park is also worth giving a shot. Though, not must see places in Vermont, also plan for tripping the Jay Peak, the Pico Mountains in Killington or even picnic at the shores of the Lake Memphremagog in New Port.

Museums and historic sites had always been interesting. Vermont is known to restore a very distinguished culture that can only be unveiled in the museums. For instance, the historical exhibits and the maritime collections at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum or the unusual traditionalism in the Historic Grafton Village home to museums, architectures and historic walking trails, are must see Vermont attractions, you may visit. Go further deeper in history. A short visit to the Hildene, the former home of Robert Todd Lincoln, the decedent to Abraham Lincoln will be highly intriguing.

Discover the art and culture of the state at The Bennington Museum and Grandma Moses Gallery or delve into the life of the modern day farmers at the Billings farm and Museum.

Apart from all these, the state is a potpourri of business, events and factories. Some Things to do in Vermont include the exquisite souvenirs at the Cobot Creamery, the Bread and Puppet theater company, and the Adams farm. Finally, don’t miss out on the North River Winery, the Park-McCullough House or the Norman Rockwell Exhibition & Gift shop, while you are in Vermont.

List of must see Vermont sightseeings:

  • Green Mountain Flyers
  • Ascutney
  • Bear Mountain
  • Bolton Valley
  • Burke Mountains
  • Jamaica State Park
  • Jay Peak
  • Pico Mountains in Killington
  • Lake Memphremagog in New Port
  • Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • Historic Grafton Village
  • Hildene
  • The Bennington Museum
  • Grandma Moses Gallery
  • Billings farm and Museum
  • Cobot Creamery
  • Bread and Puppet theater company
  • Adams farm
  • North River Winery
  • Park-McCullough House
  • Norman Rockwell Exhibition & Gift shop

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