What does the ‘Virginia’ make you think? Obviously it reminds you of fun, merrymaking, exotic locations or may be of your first love. Therefore, being a commonwealth state in the southern part of United state, must see places in Virginia are very much different from the other states in the United state. Considered to be a paradise of lovers, and a place that promises ultimate excitement, Virginia is known for its serene suburbs and amiable locals. However, the list of must see Virginia is too long to be sorted out in ranks. While there are certain top attractions in Virginia, that cant be missed if you are on a short trip, yet it is also advisable to plan out the other places as well, in case of longer trip plans.

If you want to find What to See in Virginia attractions, the Virginia Explore Park is the one, you must visit. Being a notable historic park in the city, this site takes you back to the ancient native American culture. Take a walk along the pathways of the park and gape at the historic artifacts that it has in store. Located at the Blue Ridge parkway, the park is a pleasant hideout from the hustle of the city. A break from the historic ambiance will directly land you amidst the greenery of the Oatland Plantation. Other than getting the privilege to experience the quintessential southern American culture, the site is a also a perfect weekend getaway for tourists to view the local lifestyle, the 20th century British buildings and the 19th century plantation style.

For those who have come a long way to enjoy the serene gardens and the beauty of nature, the theme parks, recreational parks and nature parks are perfect places to tour out. In this context, the 121 Robbin’s Nest Farms Great Outdoors in Wingina, A great Palace to go Green — Radford!, The Accessible Nature Trail””WWRC STAR Trail etc are great places to cherish nature. Further, the Bear Path Acres, Bug Box, Busch Garden, Fort Chiswell Animal Park, Great Wolf Lodge-Waterpark etc are also some of the other notable must see places in Virginia. A journey to the further core of the state will bring you across the vast historical prodigies it stores. Places like Gloucester, A. P. Hill Bothood Home, Abindon Historic District are some among the lot. It is also home to the Afro-American Heritage Sites as well as the Afro-American Heritage Park that opens an absolutely new world for you.

Apart from trudging the arduous pathways of the national parks, shouting your heart out at the tides in the theme parks or contemplating on the souvenirs from history, it is also a marked place for general sports, the famous Golf and a plethora of water sports and adventure activities. You can even try your luck on some of the best wines and beers at some of the renowned wineries and breweries. Among museums, the Virginia Living Museum is one of the must see Virginia sightseeings you can check out. Representing a queer mix of beauty and excitement, the park is every nature lovers dream destination. Starting from the aromatic trees, gruesome yet charming wilderness to the thrilling walking trails crossing over crystal clear lakes and wildlife like otters and even bald eagles, Virginia tourists spots would benumb you with its magnetizing spell.

Though not the last, yet a visit to the Historic James town to peek onto the past English settlement and the historical architectures are inevitable. What further intensifies your emotions for the place is the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, yet another must see place in Virginia that portrays the unforgettable folk culture of the region. Don’t be satisfied yet. Virginia is also a marvelous place to dance and merrymake at all types of diverse cultural festivals starting from the heart-pumping African American festivals, Wine and Bear festivals to parades, streets shows, cullinery , art and craft, and many more.

List of must see Virginia sightseeings:

  • Virginia Explore Park
  • Oatland Plantation
  • 121 Robbin’s Nest Farms Great Outdoors in Wingina
  • A great Palace to go Green — Radford
  • The Accessible Nature Trail””WWRC STAR Trail
  • Bear Path Acres
  • Bug Box
  • Busch Garden
  • Fort Chiswell Animal Park
  • Great Wolf Lodge- Waterpark
  • Gloucester
  • A. P. Hill Bothood Home
  • Abindon Historic District
  • Afro-American Heritage Sites
  • The Afro-American Heritage Park
  • Virginia Living Museum
  • Historic James town
  • Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum

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