It actually feels great to take a walk along the posh market places of New York and walk around the beaches of the raunchy Las Vegas. But there is much more to U.S., rather than just technology, artificial modernity and merry-making. The limitless must see Washington DC tourist places is what you will miss even after leaving the country. Owing to the cosmopolitan environment comprising of people from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, the country is actually a potpourri of cultural and traditional diversity. Notable throughout the world as one of the super powers in the world, other than just flaunting its political, military and economic brilliance, USA has even come up as a beautiful place for tourists. All these and more about the characteristic of the country is well reflected by the must see places in Washington DC. The overwhelming beauty of nature and the exotic nightlife, parties, pub culture and the gliterrati of the market places will grip your heart.

If you really have a passion for traveling, then start off with natural Washington DC tourist spots. Though the city is not eminent for its unruffled beauty or greenery, yet you can always spend some time lazying around the Great Falls Park located by the banks of the Potomac River. The meandering fresh water of Potomac, the rocky walking trails and the vast landscape dotted with cascading waterfall, make it an inevitable picnic spot. The fresh water of the Great Fall Park and the enthralling verdures of the National Zoo are must see Washington DC sightseeings. With maximum opportunity for tourists to enjoy the wildlife in front of their eyes, the National Zoo exposes a wide variety of species starting from the plumply adult pandas, the ferocious bear, lion and tiger to the adorable cheetah cubs.

You will feel awesome if you come across some of the artistic prowess and the captivating architectural marvels of the city. To catch the artistry of the country and peek into history, start off with some of the finest museums of the Duport Circle that overtly opens up the doors for you to get access to ethnic restaurants, private art galleries and renowned museums. Even the state-of-art theaters and galleries of the Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, a must see place in Washington DC, are worth admiring. With some of the best artifacts of the 18th century and the 500 acre estate of George Washington and his family, the place is actually a full day excursion destination. You can further get lost in the charm and spectacle of the city by visiting the ecstatic historical aura of the Old Town Alexandria situated at the other side of the Potomac River. To make your trip further exciting, don’t miss out the historical pathways of the Georgetown, the exemplary art works and the heart pumping nightlife of the Penn Quarter. Also, take some time off, to tour the Adams Morgan and the Eastern market.

Next, check out the must see Washington DC historical museums and memorials in the heart of the city. The White House is one such places to see in Washington that has lots of historical importance. Home to the President of the country, the place looks marvelous when lit up at night. Other than this, The DC War Memorial, The Eisenhower Memorial, the burial grounds of The Arlington National Gallery etc are must see places in Washington DC that have still restored the remnants and the excerpts of the glorious past of USA.

List of must see Washington DC sightseeings:

  • Great Falls Park
  • National Zoo
  • Duport Circle
  • White House
  • Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens
  • Old Town Alexandrian
  • Georgetown
  • Penn Quarter
  • Adams Morgan
  • Eastern market
  • DC War Memorial
  • The Eisenhower Memorial
  • Arlington National Gallery
  • Glen Echo Park
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Martin Luther King Jr national Memorial
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island

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