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Blue Mountains

Fast Facts

  • Location: West of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia
  • Attraction Type: Mountain range
  • Significance: Exceptional rock formations with hills appearing blue because of oil emanating from eucalyptus trees
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Visiting Hours: Daytime
  • How to Reach: Less than an hour's drive from Sydney; alternatively by train
  • Nearest International Airport: Sydney International Airport
Blue Mountains is a fascinating place to visit any time of the year. This natural wonderland of amazing rock formations, wild bushes and unbridled wildlife makes it an unbelievable place for vacationing. The eucalyptus oil emanating from the abundant number of these trees lends a blue haze to the entire region, hence justifying the name. Being close to Sydney in New South Wales, Blue Mountains in Australia attracts visitors all round the year. The 'three sisters' rock formation in the Blue Mountain National Park, a World Heritage Site, is remarkable. Each of these rocks named 'Gunnedoo', 'Wimlah', and 'Meehni', is over 900 meters tall and represents a mystifying formation in unison. According to Aboriginal legend, three lovely young ladies of Katoomba tribe had fallen in love with three brothers belonging to Nepean tribe. Tribal laws prevented their marriage, which eventually resulted in a major battle. Anticipating danger for the three sisters, the witchdoctor of Katoomba tribe transformed them into stones to be brought back to normal form after the war. Unfortunately, the witchdoctor was killed in the course of this battle and the beautiful ladies remained as stones thereafter.

Blue Mountain Activities

Cliff Drive from Leura at the gateway to Blue Mountains to Katoomba is stupendous for its scenic beauty. After reaching Blackheath, the highest point of the Blue Mountains, discover walking trails through extensive bush lands intercepted by waterfalls and valleys. Exploring these unspoiled bush country on horseback is highly inspiring. With the help of guides, discover Werriberri Trail on foot or horseback.

Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains is an incredible limestone cave with bewildering shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.

Accommodation and Dining

Accommodation in Blue Mountains is out of the ordinary. At Hatter's Hideout you could rent a cave, which in effect is a luxury resort in a wilderness with diverse vegetation from mountainous at ridge top to rainforest at the foothills. Mountain Jewel set in a natural landscaped retreat is a luxury bed and breakfast accommodation. The Jenolan Caves House is a historic guesthouse belonging to Victorian times. The Carrington Hotel and Mountain Heritage in Leura are other remarkable historic places to put up.

For your culinary demands visit Big Trout Motor Inn for its mouth watering Chinese and Australian cuisine. Skyways Restaurant is the best place to have Australian food at affordable rates. With a revolving floor and warm ambiance it is perfect for families and friends. 'Solitary' atop Leura Cascades offers breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains and provides prompt and friendly service.


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