Fast Facts

Location: Located about 100 ft. off the west coast of Guam, in the western Pacific Ocean.
Attraction Type: Diving.
Significance: One of the best Blue Hole diving in the world.
Best time to Visit: Throughout the year. Preferably from January to August.
Visiting Hours: During day time.
How to Reach: Guam International Airport is well connected with major destinations throughout the world. Then you need to come to Apra Harbor. Boats are available.
Nearest Airport: Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport (GUM)

If you are one who loves diving, if the mention of the word ‘diving’ is enough to get you excited, if you are one who eat, drink and sleep diving, then come to Blue Hole Guam — an amazing experience is in store for you that could well end up being the experience of your lifetime. Blue holes are roughly circular sinkholes or submarine caves on the ocean with steep-walled depressions. Due to its unique features, Blue Holes have become major attractions for the divers. And the Blue Hole of Guam is undoubtedly one of the best among those.

Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean. The Guam Blue Hole, located about 100 ft. off the west coast of Guam, is an open chasm that starting at 60 feet opens to the sea at 130. One can see along the reef top some large fishes like dogtooth tuna and eagle rays. Dolphins and pilot whales can also be found occasionally.

Going for the Diving

Diving at Blue Hole Guam is strictly for advanced divers as it requires a high level of diving skills and also involves a few risks. The area, known as Orote Peninsula, will be the destination for you. The shoreline of the Blue Hole is a cliff of more than 150 ft. high; hence there is no beach entrance. It is accessible via boat.

The entrance of the hole is about 60 feet deep whereas the opening in the Cliffside is about 125 feet deep. Divers need to be cautious about depth and nitrogen accumulation. Besides diving, the place also provides wonderful scope of photography. However, the dive site is not endowed with rich corals. For Corals, you have to dive at Hap’s Reef, located outside Apra harbor or Finger Reef, inside Apra Harbor, which has a wonderful accumulation of corals.


There are plenty of hotels in Guam. Some of them are listed as below:

Guam Aurora Resort Villa & Spa
185 Gun Beach Road,
Tumon, Guam, 96911

Palace Hotel
470 Fahrenholt Avenue
Tamuning, Guam 96913

Fiesta Resort
801 Pale San Vitores Rd
Tumon Guam 96913

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