• Location: Great Barrier Reef, Northeast Australia
  • Attraction Type: Sea beauty and coral reef
  • Significance: Largest coral reef of the world
  • Things to do: Scuba diving, fishing, boat tours, snorkeling
  • Best time to visit: Winter
  • How to reach: from the mainland port of Cairns
  • Nearest International Airport: Cairns International and Domestic Airports

Some ancient civilizations believed paradise to exist somewhere below the earth. Wonder if they had the Great Barrier Reef in mind while doing so. With the turquoise water above, and coral reefs stretched for as long as your eye can see, you are in the midst of an absolute subterranean paradise. Corals, sea-plants, and an unbelievable variety of aquatic life explode in what is an absolute riot of colors and movement at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, the unchallenged monarch of scuba diving and underwater adventure activities.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia is the biggest coral reef of the world, this tourist destination in Australia sprawls over 2600 kilometers. This group of about 900 islands and 2900 reefs is situated in the Coral Sea little away from the coast of Queensland in the northeast part of Australia.

The specialty of Great Barrier Reef (Coral Reef)

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is considered as the largest coral reef group of the world. The azure color water and the conglomeration of numerous aqua-species make this reef a wonderful tourist spot. The currents, weather patterns and tides occurring in this coral reef give you a good idea of the eco-system of this place.

The Great Barrier Reef is best known for its bio-diversity including some of the rare species of the world. In this coral reef, you can take delight in the beauty of the over 30 species of dolphins, whales, and porpoises. You will also be able to see a good number of dugongs here. If you want to see the variety of turtle species, then this is a perfect destination for you to consider. Here, you will be able to view as many as 6 different species of the turtles including a leatherback sea turtle, the green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, olive ridley and flatback turtle.

Ongoing deep in the sea, you will also be able to explore different kinds of seagrasses such as Halophila and Halodule. Besides, the reef also serves as a home to 215 bird species. Some of the birds, which make for a delightful sight in this region, include roseate tern and white-bellied sea eagle.

Apart from these, you will also get to see red bass, clownfish, red-throat emperor, and a variety of snapper species and coral trout.

Attractions of Great Barrier Reef (Coral Reef)

Things to do in Great Barrier Reef (Coral Reef)

A visit to Great Barrier Reef, Australia is inconclusive without trying hands at several water sport and fun activities. To see the abundance of aqua-life, it is better to go for scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides, you can also go for fishing and boat tours here.

Accommodations in Great Barrier Reef (Coral Reef)

There are many island resorts available in Great Barrier Reef. You can also stay put in the yachts. Yachts are best to consider, if you are an avid snorkeling or scuba diving junkie.

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