Fast Facts

  • Location: From Warrnambool to Torquay in Victoria State in Australia
  • Attraction Type: Road journey
  • Significance: Among the most fabulous drives in the world
  • Best Time to Visit: November to April
  • How to Reach: By Highway M1 from Melbourne to Geelong and then by road B100 to Torquay
  • Nearest International Airport: Melbourne International Airport

Great Ocean Road is a surprise at every bend and wonder at every turn. The tranquility of Port Fairy, the charm of Geelong, the serenity of Portland, the adventures of the Surf Coast, the thrill of Warrnambool, the culture of Bellarine, and the wonder of the 12 Apostles are all to be experienced and realized after you drive down this incredible road. A journey down this Great Ocean Road in Australia lets you realize all your emotions of surprises and fulfillment.

Great Ocean Road in the Victoria State of Australia is a stretch of roughly 142 miles along the coasts of the Southern Ocean and the Bass Strait to the countries southeast. Beginning from Warrnambool in the west to Torquay in the east, Great Ocean Road is among the most fascinating road journeys of the world.

In the west, though Great Ocean Road begins from Warrnambool, for all practical purposes you might start your journey from Portland. Here in Portland, you are immersed in the serenity of nature. Explore the Cape Nelson State Park, and Discovery Bay Coastal Park towards the beginning of your historic journey. From there as your travel eastwards along the Bass Strait you would reach Port Fairy. The tranquil surroundings of this coastal town would invigorate your senses and refresh your spirits for further exploration of this road. The wide streets, historic buildings, and fine restaurants add to the charm of this place. While in Port Fairy do not miss out on the freshly prepared fish recipes.

At Warrnambool, the whales would thrill you. At the Victorias’s Southern Right Whale Nursery watch them within 100 meters from the coast from a specially constructed platform. From the thrill of the whales, proceed to the awe of the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell. Millennia of the erosive action of water and wind have given rise to baffling limestone structures. These twelve rock structures, some as high as 45 meters, are stupendous. The lure of the rainforests Apollo Bay are too delightful to be resisted. The natural features of Apollo Bay are enthralling. In addition to its tropical rain forests, you might take a leisurely stroll along with the cobalt blue waters of Otway Coast, or make an adventurous hike to the magnificent waterfalls. You would also be enchanted by the numerous volcanic lakes and craters in Otway countryside.

After a rejuvenating visit to Apollo Bay and Otway, the Great Ocean Road journey takes you to Lome, renowned worldwide as the ‘Surf Coast’. Here you would be captivated by the waves and surf which are so widely featured in commercials and feature films. From Lome up to Torquay, this Surf Coast would keep you mesmerized on your road journey.

Staying along Great Ocean Road

Along the Great Ocean Road, you might stay in any of the major towns from Portland in the west to Torquay in the east. In Portland, you could opt among Portland Claremont Holiday Village, Quality Hotel Bentinck, or Victoria Lodge Motor Inn. If you plan to spend a few days in Warrnambool during your Great Ocean Road journey, accommodate yourself in Seaviews Luxury Apartment, Discovery Holiday Parks, or Beechwood Apartment. If the countryside fascinates you, Otways is the perfect destination for a refreshing stay. For staying in Otway you could choose from a Room With a View, Eliminook Bed & Breakfast, and Otway Estate.

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