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Fast Facts

  • Location: In western Pacific Ocean east of Philippines in Philippine Sea
  • Capital town: Hagatha
  • Language/s: English, Chamorro
  • Currency: US Dollar
  • Time Zone: UTC + 10
  • ISD Code: 1671
  • Best Time to Visit: January to April
  • International Airport: AB Won Pat International Airport
Guam the most populous of the Micronesian islands is a kaleidoscope of spectacular beaches, quaint sleepy villages and fascinating waterfalls. Guam is gradually rediscovering itself as a Chamorro nation. Guam in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean lies east of the Philippine Islands in the Philippine Sea. Its ethnic culture is somewhat overshadowed by US influence as it is an unincorporated US territory.

Guam though the largest island in its group can be explored in a couple of days. Southern Guam is renowned for its beaches and villages, while Northern Guam is a US military base, popularly termed Anderson Base. The Ritidian Point in north Guam is outstanding with its fabulous beach, vibrant jungle and azure blue sea. Talofofo Falls with its double tier is a stunning picnic spot. Discover Guam's turbulent Second World War period at the Pacific National Historical Park. In the evening shop and socialize in the throbbing Chamorro Village Night Market.

When to Visit Guam

Guam is pleasant throughout the year, though the dry months from January to April are particularly wonderful.

Travel to Guam

AB Won Pat International Airport handles all flights to and from Guam. Regular flights operate from USA, Japan, China, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Private yachts sail to Apra Harbor in Guam.

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