Flung far towards the southernmost part of the world map, the geopolitical region of Oceania is unique in its charm and attraction. The volcanic islands and the spectacularly colorful coral atolls that comprise this region are spread over the blue expanse of the Pacific like valuable gemstones as if by the careful hands of some divine artist.

Most of the islands are still largely uninhabited, and many have a very sparse population of indigenous people, making this region exotic in the truest sense.

Oceania covers a total land area of slightly over 9,000,000 sq. km. and has a population of over 32,000,000. Australia, the only continental country in Oceania, is the largest landmass of the region. It is also the country with the largest human population in the region. There are a large number of attractions in Australia that range from beautiful and charming sea-coasts that are great for marine activities and rejuvenation as well as vibrant and multi-cultural cities. Sidney, Melbourne, and Adelaide are some of the most happening modern cities of the world, in spite of its geographical remoteness. Tourists to Australia are attracted both by the vibrancy of the cities as well as the quiet charm of the natural landscapes. Visiting the coral reefs is one of the greatest attractions of Australia.

List of Top 15 Tourist Destinations in Oceania and Australia:

Great barrier reef, Australia Whitsunday island, Australia Wineglass Bay, Australia
Kangaroo island, Australia Blue mountains, Australia Sydney Opera House, Australia
Uluru, Australia Twelve Apostle, Australia Mc Kenzie Falls, Australia
Lake Taupo, New Zealand Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand Blue Hole, Guam
Singatoka sand dunes, Fiji Bora Bora island Waitomo Glowworm caves, New Zealand

New Zealand is consistently beautiful. The North and South Islands are particularly noted for their amazing natural and mountainous terrains, great lakes and verdant green. It is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the world. New Zealand tourism is becoming more and more popular with the passing of time.

The exotic Islands of Oceania like Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and French Polynesia thrive on tourism. The exquisite corals that can be accessed from these islands make them divers’ paradise. They are simply unfailing in their allurements when it comes to scuba-divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Must see places in New Zealand : New Zealand is a well-known tourist destination known for its scenic beauty. The country is full of beaches, coral reefs, forests, mountains and lots more. Well, known tourist destinations in New Zealand are Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Auckland and so on.read more..

Must see places in Australia : Australia is a land of scenic beauty and charm. There are plenty of tourist spots in Australia which draw thousands of tourists from various parts of the world.read more..

Must see places in Guam : Guam the most populous of the Micronesian islands is a kaleidoscope of spectacular beaches, quaint sleepy villages, and fascinating waterfalls.read more..

Must see places in French Polynesia: French Polynesia more easily identified as Tahiti, is paradise on earth without any exaggeration. This group of reef laciniate islands with translucent blue lagoons, tempting beaches, and outstanding water activities. read more..

Must see places in Fiji: Fiji Tourism is mostly about traveling in the sun-kissed beaches of this exotic island. There is a number of significant historical destinations as well. Traveling to Fiji is bound to be a great experience.read more..

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