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Location: Lake Taupo located at the volcanic heartland of New Zealand, in the North Island.
Best Time to Visit: November through February.
How to Reach
The nearest airport of Lake Taupo is Taupo Airport (TUO). Eagle Airways ply regular flights to Taupo from Auckland and Wellington. Charter flights from various airlines are availably inclouding Air National, Air New Zealand, Christian Aviation, Mountain Air, and Skylink.
Taupo is located on the crossroad of State Highway 1 and the State Highway 5 — the Thermal Explorer Highway. State Highway 1 is the main trunk line of New Zealand, connecting Auckland and Wellington. Auckland in the north is 3½ hours drive, whereas Wellington in the south is 5½ hours drive from Taupo. On the other hand, Thermal Explorer Highway connects Auckland and Napier. Hence it is quite easy to reach Taupo by car from any destination in New Zealand, as you just need to follow any one of those two major roads of the country.
Nearest airport: Taupo Airport (TUO)

On reaching Lake Taupo in New Zealand, do not forget to hire a boat and approach my Bay. It is over 10 meters high and there is no other way you can approach it. Once you reach there, you will be face to face with one of the most interesting sculptural creations of the present world. These Maori relief carvings, against the setting sun, making for a magnificent view. Executed by Matahi Whakataka — Brightwall, with the help of a group of Maori artists in 1970, these carvings are representatives of the richness of Maori civilization and the multicultural richness of New Zealand.

Lake Taupo North Island New Zealand is one of the largest lakes in New Zealand is known worldwide for its gorgeous beauty. Located at the volcanic heartland of New Zealand, in the North Island, Lake Taupo was created in 181 AD by a massive volcanic eruption. Rich in Maori tradition, Lake Taupo has to offer some of the most unique, untouched, uncrowded, and unparalleled panoramic beauties to tourists all over the world. To add with these, the wonderful pumice sand beaches of the lake just make it a unique one to look like an inland ocean. With a perimeter of about 193 km and a total surface area of 616 square km, Lake Taupo is as big as Singapore Island and is easily the largest freshwater lake not only in whole New Zealand but also in entire Australasia.

Lake Taupo North Island, besides its awesome and untouched beauty, also has a lot in store for the tourists. The lake, spread from Orakei Korako in the north to Tongariro National Park in the south, is famous for trout fishing and is popularly known as the trout fishing capital of the world. Its wonderful bush, sub-alpine hiking tracks, crystal clear streams, and not to forget, the culture and heritage of Maori — all make this place more attractive to over 1.2 million tourists that come to visit this New Zealand Lake every year.

Visiting Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is a tremendously popular tourist destination in New Zealand. During the Christmas and New Year period, the place gets extremely busy with tourists, as one may need to book up to 12 months in advance in order to get a booking. You can explore Lake Taupo, North Island in several ways.

Thermal Volcanic:

Lake Taupo region, being a part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, offers fabulous steaming cliffs, geysers, boiling lakes, bubbling mud pools and pumice. Visit Orakei Korako, one of the best thermal areas in the world. The ‘Hidden Valley’ of Orakei Korako Cave & Thermal Park is located just a few km north of Taupo. You can also visit Tokaanu Thermal Pools located in the tranquil thermal village of Tokaanu. Go for a relaxing therapeutic soak in the hot mineral springs there. Visit Wairakei Terraces to experience the traditional Maori village life. Caters of the Moon is an area of teeming thermal activity. If you want to explore the mysteries of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, you must come at the Volcanic Activity Centre.

Water Activities:

Lake Taupo in North Island offers a range of water activities to the tourists. This place is known to the whole world for all-season trout fishing. You can also indulge yourself in jetboating, rafting, kayaking, and cruising. You can go to Thermal Safari up the Waikato River, where you can ride to the base of the Huka Falls. Kayaking to the famous Maori Rock Carving will also be an exciting affair. You can also hire a boat and sail through the water to enjoy its beauty. Freshwater diving could be equally interesting for you.

Air Activities:

Like its water activities, Lake Taupo New Zealand also has a range of air activities that will help the tourists to explore the beauty of Lake Taupo at the same time along with the thrill of adventure. Enjoy the beauties of magnificent volcanoes and lake from the air through Mountain Air from Taupo, Turangi, and Ruapehu. You can also go for Air Charter Taupo to enjoy the scenic beauties of Mt. Ruapehu, Wairakei Park, Kaimanawa Ranges, and the Western Bays of Lake Taupo. Skydiving in the majestic Lake Taupo will also be pretty exciting for the travelers. You can also go for Taupo’s Floatplane Taupo Tandem Skydiving, Helistar Helicopters, Taupo Gliding Club and Heliport.

During your Lake Taupo tour, you should also visit the destinations like Huka Prawn Park, A C Baths — Taupo Events Centre, Taupo Debretts Hot Springs Spa, and Huka Falls.

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