Fast Facts

  • Location: East of Port Campbell on the southwest coast of Victoria Province, Australia
  • Attraction Type: Natural wonder
  • Significance: Rock structures formed by water and wind erosion for a period of 10-20 million years
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
  • Visiting Hours: Sunrise to sunset
  • How to Reach: From Port Campbell drive down along Great Ocean Road
  • Nearest International Airport: Hamilton International Airport

The Twelve Apostles are iconic rock structures rising imperiously from the waters of the Southern Ocean south of the Victoria coast in Australia. These dramatic limestone cliffs are representatives of Port Campbell National Park extending from Princeton in the east to Port Campbell to its northwest on the Victorian coast. Originally called ‘the sow and piglets’, these rocks were most likely renamed towards the beginning of the 20th century.

The 12 Apostles in Australia are remnants of limestone cliffs subject to continuous erosion over the last 10 — 20 million years. Erosion of softer underlining rock layers by water and wind initially created caves, then arches and finally rock stacks of up to 45 meters high. These Twelve Australian Apostles are arranged along Green Ocean Road east of Port Campbell.

These twelve Apostles are an excellent study in the erosive action of wind and water on rock structure formation. The cliffs behind the Apostles tower upto 70 meters in height.

Sunrise and sunset are particularly spectacular at the 12 Apostles. The blazing hues from dark brown to deep red, orange, and finally a brilliant sandy yellow created on the rock surfaces is a visual treat. The color change order just reverses during sundown. Take a helicopter ride to have a fascinating bird’s-eye view of these 12 Apostles rock formation. Alternatively, you could opt for fixed-winged flights for an awesome view of the Southern Ocean coast.

You would get an ample choice of proper accommodation in Port Campbell. Anchors Port Campbell, Waves Port Campbell, Port Campbell Hotel, and Daisy Hill Country Cottages provide a comfortable stay. Apollo Bay is another location where there are sufficient places to put up. Otway Paradise Cottages, Blue Johanna House, Sandpiper Motel, Apollo Bay Colonial Cottages, and Nelson’s Perch B & B are some of the notable accommodations in Apollo Bay.

The 12 Apostles tourist site is a gourmet’s delight. Pisces Holiday Park, Chris’s Restaurant and Villas, and the Iluka Motel and Restaurant in Apollo Bay are the choicest places to have delectable food. Blackwood Gully Restaurant in Lavers Hill, Berry World in Timboon, and Apostle Whey Cheese in Cooriemungle are other famous eateries at the Twelve Apostles.

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