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Fast Facts

  • Location: Located around 440 km south-west of Alice Springs in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in central Australia.
  • Attraction Type: Sandstone Rock and Cave.
  • Significance: World Heritage Site.
  • Best time to visit: May through September
  • How to Reach: Ayers Rock Airport is just 15 km away of the rock. Direct flights are available from Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Alice Springs. You can also fly to Alice Springs and take a car to reach here, only if you love driving. Take Stuart Highway (87) from there and drive towards south for about 200 km to reach Erldunda Roadhouse. Turn right and take Lasseter Highway and drive about 245 km to reach Ayers Rock. If you are coming down from South, you can reach here from Coober Pedy after a drive of 550 km.
  • Nearest Airport: Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ), also known as Connellan Airport.
If you cherish a love for natural beauty and want to witness it from close quarters, then pay a visit to Uluru in Central Australia. Uluru is also known as the Ayers Rock. It is best recognized for its majestic rock formation in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This island mountain rises up to 350 meters from the surrounding plain. Defined as the red-rusty beauty, the Uluru Sandstone rock is a delightful sightseeing spot for all the tourists. While visiting this site, you can also enjoy the charm of another rock formation of the region known as Kata Tjuta or The Olgas.

Climate and Seasons of Uluru

The park Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park where this majestic rock formation is found witnesses an average temperature of 37.8°C during summers and 4.7°C during winters. The extreme temperature of the park that has been recorded so far during summer season was near about 45°C and during winter night -5°C.

According to the native people, the park features 5 different seasons. These seasons are categorized into Piriyakutu Mai Wiyaringkupai, Itjanu, Wanitjunkupai and Wari.

Uluru Attractions

Uluru is known for its sandstone rock and cave. But the place is also known for its aboriginal cultural significance and a lot more. In fact, besides exploring the amazing landscapes of the place, you can also go for various aboriginal tours, where you can learn a lot about the local flora, fauna and bush-tucker.

When you visit Uluru in Central Australia, make sure that you go there at the time of sunset or sunrise. The experience will be wonderful as the color of the rock changes depending on the weather conditions. From grey-red to shining orange, the rock transforms into different attractive colors.

As you start exploring Uluru, you must visit the major attractions of the place. Visit the attractions like Ayers Rock Observatory, Curtin Springs Station, Giles Track, Maruku Arts, Mt Ebenezer Roadbouse, Mulgara Gallery, and Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre etc.

Besides, you can also explore the beauty of various caves, water holes and springs located in the nearby region. Don't forget to relish the art of ancient paintings still found in rock caves. You can explore Uluru in as many ways as you wish. Take a Harley Davidson motorcycle, or go for a camel back tour — the excitement would be unbounded. Trip on light aircraft or helicopter is also hugely popular. Following are some of the popular tours which are arranged regularly:

  • Anangu Tours
    1. Kuniya Sunset Tour
    2. Aboriginal Uluru Tour
    3. Mala Walk Tour
    4. Dot Painting and Kuniya Sunset Tour
  • Desert Tracks
    1. Cultural Immersion Program
  • Earth Spirit Tours
    1. Journey of Heart
  • Hinterland Tours
    1. The Center through the eyes of the Aboriginals
  • Peregrine Adventures
    1. Uluru and Outback Trails
Things to do in Uluru

One of the best things to do in Uluru is to go for climbing. However, make sure that you are fit enough to survive the desert conditions. If you don't find adventure an interesting thing for you, then opt for photography and excursion tours. The beautiful sights and the serene ambience of the place make an ideal choice for the photographers. Capture the majestic charm of the rock in your camera and take back home to bask in the pleasant experience of the tour.

Besides, you can also take up an excursion tour to The Mala Walk point in Uluru. This is an interesting cultural site of the Mala people.

However, the most exciting thing to do in Uluru is perhaps exploring its beauty from the vast blue sky. Flights tours have become a crazy in Uluru as hundreds of tourists, especially those who have got a carving for adventure, go for these tours. You can choose any of the following tours for some amazing views of Uluru:

  • Alice Springs Helicopters
    1. Ayers Rock Heli-Express (Half Day)
    2. Ayers Rock Heli-Express (Full Day)
    3. Ayers Rock Heli-Express (Overnight)
    4. Salt Lake Safari
  • Australasian Jet
    1. Uluru-Kata Sunset Delight
    2. West MacDonnell Ranges, Uluru-Kata Tjuta 1 Day Air Safari
  • Ayers Rock Helicopters
    1. Rock Blasting
    2. Uluru and Kata Tjuta
    3. Extended Uluru and Kata Tjuta
    4. Lizard Safaris
    5. Kings Canyon
  • Ayers Rock Scenic Flights
    1. Uluru, Kata Tjuta
    2. Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Lake Amadeus and Kings Canyon
    3. Uluru Only
    4. The Ultimate Outback Adventure
    5. Three Giants (Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Mt Conner)
    6. Gosse Bluff
    7. Kings Creek Station
    8. Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Lake Amadeus
  • DirectAir Tours (Red Centre)
    1. Uluru Day Tour


You have got a range of accommodation options to choose from while visiting Uluru. But remember, there is no accommodation option available inside the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Camping is not allowed inside the park as well. However, you can find a number of hotels in Ayers Rock Resort. You can choose from the following Uluru hotels:

Desert Gardens Hotel
Emu Walk Apartments
Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge
Sails in the Desert Hotel
The Lost Camel Hotel


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