Fast Facts

  • Location: In east Tasmania
  • Attraction Type: Bay
  • Significance: A peninsula and bay geographical formation in the shape of wine glass
  • Best Time to Visit: November to April
  • How to Reach: Two hours drive from Launceston Airport
  • Nearest Airport: Launceston Airport

Wine Glass Bay conjures up images of unearthly landscapes, delectable cuisine, and exhilarating water activities. The sight of granite-mountains rising from the blue waters of Wine Glass Bay is absolutely stunning. This bay in Tasmania’s east coast, popularly termed Coles Bay, is an outstanding landform. Together with the Freycinet peninsula and isthmus, the entire geographical mass appears like a wine glass.

You would be having a magnificent view of a wine glass formation from the sea level or from Mount Amos, an approximately two-hour trek from Cole Bay. The sun, sand, and sea together with the granite boulder mountains make Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania an unsurpassed vacation destination.

Wine Glass Bay activities

The outdoor lovers would find Cole Bay a fascinating destination for exploring and frolicking. The Freycinet National Park is spectacular with its dry eucalyptus forests, white beaches, coastal dunes, and pink granite hills. Mt. Freycinet at about 2030 feet is the highest point and offers a panoramic view of the Wine Glass Bay. Hazard Range, of which Mt. Freycinet is a peak, has pleasant walking trails and climbing possibilities. Bird watchers would be thrilled to view Australasian gannets, white-bellied sea eagle, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and crescent honeyeaters.

Water sports enthusiasts might try kayaking in the pristine waters of Cole Bay. Deep-sea fishing and diving are the other popular water activities in this region. A leisurely boat trip in the bay and along the coast is exceptionally inspiring.

Accommodation and Dining in Wine Glass Bay

There are plenty of options for accommodation in this exotic destination. Azure Beach House, Coles Bay Retreat, Edge of the Bay Resort, Gum Nut Cottage, and Oyster Retreat are among the notable hideaways in Cole Bay.

Wine Glass Bay is a gourmet’s delight. The Oystercatcher Seafood Cafíé specializes in delectable seafood recipes. Iluka Tavern and Bistro serves meals and a la carte items for lunch and dinner, while Freycinet Marine Farm specializes in local rock lobsters, mussels, and freshly harvested oysters. Madge Malloys Licensed Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant serving local recipes like ‘Madge’s seafood chowder’, ‘Cajun Freycinet flathead’, ‘honey curry spring bay scallops’, ‘sticky date pudding’, and ‘Madges famous cassata’.

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