Yeah! You are right! Buenos Aires — the capital of Argentina — a city that finds a major space in History books and holds a primary position in the geography of South America, has over the years become a bustling city for its business importance as well as tourism. The city is huge – spreading over acreages- making it the second-largest city in South America and indeed quite difficult for travelers to explore everything, i.e the ‘must see Buenos Aires sites’. So, plan your trip, organize your finances and make the necessary researches to make your trip short and memorable. Whether you walk past the beaches, game for some water-sport, or nibble the Argentine delicacies, or in fact even get mesmerized by the buoyancy of the nightlife, the must see places in Buenos Aires, has it all open for you to cherish. And after the beaches or the markets are getting monotonous, you can always find a break at the historical sites. Pubs, bars, discotheques, and luxuriant malls are bounteous, worthy to be tried to enjoy till you are high.

So, pack your bags, fill your pockets with dollars and call your nearest travel guides. In fact, unless you are a nomad like me — half the time out of home — the city will be quite alluring. To start with, the historical sites and the landmarks would always find precedence over others — for the simple reason that the city is preferably known for the same. The Plaza De Mayo- in this context — is a must see Buenos Aires site, not for its elegant semblance or its stature, but for the historical memories attached. It is here where the politicians address the populace — a place where great revolutions and protests took place. Of all, the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo — during the time of the Dirty War — is the one which is most remembered. For both architecture and history, there is is the renowned Recoleta// La Recoleta Cemetery. Though quite unlikely to be a tourist destination in Buenos Aires, the site is a national monument and is indeed a must-visit. You’ll get everything here. Apart from the masterpiece architecture of the colonial church, I just spent some time walking around the gardens, the lawns, and the vacant open spaces. Also, get access to various art and craftwork at the Plaza Francia. Overall, the place is bustling yet quaintly traditional — perfect for any tourist to realize the true aura of Argentina.

Next, if you are further inquisitive about the country, and wish to delve into its great history, then the ancient construction — Palermo — is the perfect destination you should plan for. Basically a portrayal of the legacy of caudillo Juan Manuel de Rosas, the site is also known for its calm and cool surroundings, the Buenos Aires Zoo as well as the Hippodrome — all must-see places in Buenos Aires. And, why end here, if you are still on for some more excitement, or is still left with time. The La Boca — once a working place for the Italian Dock Workers — has today become glamorized with restaurants, art, unusual architectures, and historical examples, and colorful metal houses. Sam Telmo / San Telmo flea Market or the glittering Teatro Colon — the seven-storied Opera — are also excellent places to dive in for a visit.

Tired with the long walks, bored of gazing at the dilapidated buildings and the ruins, or weary of contemplating on museum arts? Here’s your deserving break. Run to the market places and the posh areas of the city. Much is stored there for you — to rejoice and cherish the glitz, and the flickering parties of the city. If the coffee/ cappuccinos at the Cafe Tortoni – a notable must-see Buenos Aires spot — gives you a kick or the flashy street lights and the noisy traffic at Obelisco drives you crazy, then be sure to get blinded by the shimmers of the market places in Puerto Madero.

Groove, glut, and trot! And, make your holiday happening.

List of must see Buenis Aires sightseeings:

  • Puerto Madero.
  • Obelisco
  • Cafe Tortoni
  • Sam Telmo / San Telmo flea Market
  • Teatro Colon
  • La Boca
  • Palermo
  • Plaza Francia
  • Recoleta// La Recoleta Cemetery
  • Plaza De Mayo
  • Mataderos

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