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  • Location: Perito Moreno glacier located within Los Glaciares National Park, 82 km away from the town of El Calafate in the south west of Santa Cruz province, Argentina.
  • Attraction Type: Glacier.
  • Significance: A huge glacier that is still moving and growing at the same time.
  • Best time to Visit: October to March.
  • Visiting Hours: During the daytime.
  • How to Reach: Reach at Comandante Armando Tola International Airport in El Calafate first. From there take Provincial Route Nº 15 to reach the national reserve.
  • Nearest Airport: Comandante Armando Tola International Airport (FTE).

A glacier that is huge enough to make one spellbound, a glacier that, unlike others, is still moving, and a glacier that is still into its growing stage — Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most popular glaciers in the world. It is an amazing sight for anyone to see the massive blocks of ice detaching from the glacier and falling into the Tíémpanos Channel. The shuddery sounds and remarkable waves on the surface caused by this can imbue any traveler with experience of their lifetime. It is a sheer pleasure to explore the beauty of Perito Moreno Glacier that certainly adds more feathers to your traveling experience.

Located within Los Glaciares National Park, 82 km away from the town of El Calafate in the southwest of Santa Cruz province, Argentina, Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the 48 glaciers that fed on the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. As the glacier moves slowly over the L-shaped Lago Argentino, it forms a natural dam that divides the lake into two halves. As there is no escape route, the water level on the Brazo Rico side of the lake can go up to 30 meters above the water level of the main lake.

Perito Moreno Glacier is a beauty that always makes people amaze. Your trip to Perito Moreno Glacier would start from El Calafate when you head towards Los Glaciares National Park. The journey would be too pleasant as you pass through various lakes, streams, woods and snowcapped mountains.

Once you enter the Los Glaciares National Park, the weather changes as you will find the place a bit colder with more humidity. The flora that you can see there is truly amazing. As you move on, you will see notes, Calafate bushes, and Chinese lanterns. It is an amazing scene when the forests turn into multiple variations of red during the fall months.

Just before you reach the glacier, you get your first glance of Perito Moreno from the Cuva de Los Suspiros — a truly scintillating view. Once you reach the glacier, you can enjoy and explore it in various ways.

Perito Moreno Glacier Trekking:
It is one of the most popular ways to explore the beauty of Perito Moreno Glacier. Feel the chill of Patagonia, enjoy the amazing vistas of the Lago Argentino and hear the roaring sound of ice blocks as they fall on the water.

Perito Moreno Glacier Viewing Cruises:
You can also go for boat excursions to explore the beauty of Perito Moreno Glacier in a different way. Cruises can be for a single hour or a day-long tour.

While visiting Perito Moreno Glacier, you need to stay at El Calafate. There are a number of hotels in El Calafate which you can choose from. Some of the hotels are as below:

Bahia Redonda Hotel
Street 15 N* 148
El Calafate

El Quijote Hotel
Gregory 1155
El Calafate

Posada Los Alamos Hotel
Gdor. Moyano y Bustillo
El Calafate

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