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Must see places in Belize

Fast Facts

  • Location: In Central America to the west of Caribbean Sea, south of Mexico, and east of Guatemala
  • Capital city: Belmopan
  • Language/s: English, Spanish, Kriol
  • Currency: Belize Dollar
  • Time Zone: UTC — 6
  • ISD Code: 501
  • Best Time to visit: December to May
  • International Airport: Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville near Belize City
Belize with its verdant forests and crystal blue sea is an enchanting country bordering the Caribbean Sea. If you are planning to visit the must see places in Belize then sort out a convenient trip plan to avoid missing out the main attractions of the country. No matter whether you are visiting its inland or off shore sites, Belize in Central America is fabulous for its translucent blue sea, corals, dolphins, palm fringed beaches and ancient ruins. The wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and marine reserves, which are must see places in Belize make it an exciting tourist destination.

Among the must see places in Belize, the Belize City is a beautiful location to freak out and enjoy the natural beauty as well as the city life. Located on a tiny peninsula, Belize City is dotted with various tourist spots that are unavoidable for visitors. The remarkable architecture of the St. John's Cathedral is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Belize. Other than this, the city is perfect for travelers because of the availability of various parks where you can sit and relax. At Belize City, you can also visit the Baron Bliss Lighthouse monument, Bliss Institute of Performing Arts, Gran's Farm and the Belize Zoo.

Apart from the posh city environment, the spectacular market places and the rich ancient art and culture, you can also visit various nature reserves and natural wonders in the Corozal town in Belize. Home to the Shipstern Nature Reserve, the Corozal town is one of the must see places in Belize. Covering an area of 26000 acres, this nature reserve is a perfect destination for tourists because of the green forests and wildlife attractions. You can even walk into the arduous pathways of the Hardwood forest, the Kuak Palm forest, the American Woodstock and the White Ibis to view different types of mammals, reptiles and other endangered species. A perfect place for bird watching, here you can get a glimpse of the rare bird species like Roseate Spoonbill, Yellow-lored Parrot and Yucatan Jay. Corozal town is one of the best Belize tourist spots where you can also find the great Barrier Reef.

A journey in the deepest jungles of the national parks in Belize will reveal the wildness that nature hides behind its veil of beauty and charm. If you visit the Orenge Walk, a prominent city in Belize, you will come across the true gloominess of the jungles as well as the historical past of Belize. For instance, a boat trip in the New River is a preferable option for you to observe and explore the wildlife and the Lamanai Ruins. The Guanacaste National Park in the Belmopan (Capital of Belize) is also one of the must see places in Belize for its rare species of birds and animals like Jaguarundi, Kinkajou, White-tailed Deer, Nine-banded Armadillo and Paca.

Other must see places in Belize include the famous Mayan remains of Altun Ha, Lamanai, Cuello, La Milpa and Nohmul that are noted for their architectural magnificence. You can also visit the Godoy's Orchid Garden that is renowned for varieties of orchids. Places like Dangriga town, San Ignacio city and Punta Gorda City are also worth paying a visit.

When to Visit Belize

The dry period from December to May is the ideal time to visit Belize. The early rainy season in June is also conducive for exploring Belize.

Travel to Belize

All international flights to and from Belize are handled by the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville near Belize City. There are regular flights to Ladyville from important US cities as well. European and Oceania destinations are connected to Belize through USA. Belize is accessible by sea from Guatemala and Honduras. Though there are road connections between Belize and Guatemala, you need to change buses at the border. Buses plying in Belize do not cross over to Guatemala and vice versa. From Mexico there are two official crossing points at La Union, and Subteniente Lopez.

List of must see places in Belize:

  • St. John's Cathedral in Belize City
  • Baron Bliss Lighthouse monument
  • Bliss Institute of Performing Arts
  • Gran's Farm
  • The Belize Zoo
  • Shipstern Nature Reserve
  • Barrier Reef of Corozal town
  • Guanacaste National Park in Belmopan
  • Lamanai Ruins
  • Mayan remains of Belize
  • Godoy's Orchid Garden
  • Dangriga town
  • San Ignacio city
  • Punta Gorda City
Cities in Belize

Belize City

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