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Must see places in Bolivia

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Map of Bolivia
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Must see places in Bolivia

Must see places in Bolivia

Fast Facts

  • Location: Central South America.
  • Country Capital: Sucre (constitutional and judicial); La Paz (administrative)
  • Languages: Spanish is the official languages, with as many as 36 native languages spoken by various ethnic groups.
  • Currency: Boliviano (BOB)
  • Time Zone: (UTC-4)
  • ISD Code: 591
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • International Airport: El Alto International Airport (IATA: LPB) near La Paz

Bolivia has an ecological variety that is quite unusual for a country of its size. From the high Andes to Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat; from the Amazon Rainforest to the high Titicaca Lake, the must see places in Bolivia are some of the favorite tourist destinations. It has an unbelievable wealth of natural treasures, from unique, strange and exotic landscapes to an exotic wildlife inhabiting the Chaco region in the eastern lowlands. Anyone planning for a trip to this beautiful land with forests, lakes and archaeological sites, should not miss the vibrant city life as well. Cities like La Paz, El Alto and Cochabamba are must see places in Bolivia with a very hospitable group of people.

Geographically, Bolivia is located in the South American continent, surrounded by Paraguay and Argentina on the south, Chile and Peru to the west and Brazil to the north and the west. It is a completely landlocked country, though the Atlantic can be approached by the Paraguay River. Bolivia has been a trouble zone for most of its history, which has also had an adverse effect on the economy. However, the present government is intent on harnessing the immense natural resources of the country and making it economically stronger. In this context, the tourism industry has come up as one of the best options for revenue generation. Other than just the must see places in Bolivia, what makes the country more attractive is the presence of ethnic groups like Quechuas, Ayamaras and Guaranis. In Bolivia, you can even take part in the cultural festivals of these groups. Infact, various tourists and travelers only visit this country to peep into the ancient past and origination of these ethnic groups.

Bolivia is extremely rich in natural beauty and has some of the most picturesque spots in the world, making it an endearing destination for travelers from all across the globe. One of the greatest must see places in Bolivia is the Salar de Uyuni, a fascinating sea of salt that has no equals in the world. You can also see the Jurassic remains at the Parque National Park, an ancient isolated region. Lake Titicaca is a place where natural grandeur meets local history and myth. Heritage tourism of Bolivia is also very popular, with a number of pre-Columbian ruins distributed all over the area. Samaipata , an excellent tourist destination in Bolivia, is a gateway to these pre-Inca ruins. Do not forget to visit the colorful cities of Bolivia, particularly Sucre and San Ignacio de Moxos.

Other than this, the culture of the country is also interesting. The ethnic groups of Bolivia play a major role in determining the culture of the country. The heritage and culture is infact very much evident from the architectures available in Bolivia. Like most South American countries, the culture of Bolivia is a great amalgamation of Catholic and indigenous traditions. This has resulted in the construction of various catholic churches in the country, which are also must see places in Bolivia. It is also the home of number of pre-Columbian sites with some significant archaeological ruins. Jewelry making, weaving and stone carving are some of the crafts in which the Bolivians have traditionally excelled.

Best Time to Visit

Bolivia experiences a great climatic variety ranging from the high humidity to chilling cold. November to April is the rainy season. It is best to avoid Bolivia during this time because inland transportation becomes extremely difficult. However, during the winter time in the months between May and October, Bolivia is a wonderful place to visit. Bolivia has a well developed road network system, and you can easily explore the country in buses and cars.

List of must see places in Bolivia:

  • Andes
  • Salar de Uyuni
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Titicaca Lake
  • Parque National Park
  • La Paz
  • El Alto
  • Cochabamba
  • Samaipata
  • Sucre
  • San Ignacio de Moxos

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