Fast Facts

  • Location: In Abel Iturralde province, in northwest Bolivia
  • Attraction Type: A Nature Reserve
  • Significance: Has undiscovered plant species, 1000 species of birds, and nearly 1000 mammal species.
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Visiting Hours: Daytime
  • How to Reach: Fly to Rurrenabaque about 19 miles to the east and then by a gravel road
  • Nearest International Airport: La Paz

Visiting the Madidi National Park is an amazing experience. The Madidi landscape of more than 50,000 square kilometers extends from the snow-capped peaks of Apolobamba Andes mountains to the tropical lowland basins of River Amazon. This diverse spread includes within itself an unbelievable range of ecosystems from tropical forests, tropical grasslands, cloud forests, to high altitude grasslands. With more than 1000 species of birds, it is home to 11% of the entire bird species of the world.

Bolivia Madidi National Park spread over an area of almost 19,000 square kilometers was set up in September 1995. Bordered by Peru in the west and Amazon basin in the east, Madidi National Park in Bolivia is inhabited by nearly 1000 species in addition to the bird varieties. Jaguar, giant otter, bespectacled bear, vicuna, and maned wolf are endemic mammals of this National Park. Among the birds, the Andean condor and military macaw are the most remarkable varieties.

The Andean area of this park is marked by innumerable mountain rivers and rivulets originating from the Cordilleras. River Beni with its tributaries the Tuchi and the Madidi is the most voluminous of all the rivers flowing through this national park. Tumupasa inhabiting the forested mountain areas and Quechua occupying the Amazon basin area are the two principal tribes staying in Madidi.

National Park of Madidi is a splendor for naturalists, researchers, rock climbers, trekkers, and wildlife admirers. The Andean Cordilleras is a perfect destination for rock climbers and mountaineers. In a canoe sail along River Beni passing by the fabulous Bala Canyon. Continue sailing in Chalalan Lake and enjoy the sights of magnificent birds like toucans, guagmayos, hummingbirds and para base. Turtles and monkeys on the lakeshore would elate you. With the help of a guided hike through the national park to discover rare medicinal plants.

Accommodation and Dining
San Miguel del Bala Eco-lodge with seven cabins and a dormitory is a pleasant place to stay. Chalalan Ecolodge in Chalalan is another comfortable accommodation in Madidi. However, Rurrenabaque is the best place to stay while going on a visit to Madidi National Park. Hostal Santa Ana, Los Tucanes de Rurre, and Hotel El Balcero are some of the popular hotels in this town. Apart from these hotels, you could satisfy your culinary needs in the hospitable restaurants of this place. Hotel Berlin, Sede Social, Camilla, and La Perla de Rurre are the notable eateries in Rurrenabaque.

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