Fast Facts

  • Location: Rio de Janeiro state, 169 km northeast of Rio de Janeiro town.
  • Attraction Type: Resort Town
  • Significance: Resort town for the rich and famous.
  • Best time to Visit: Anytime throughout the year, though the rainy season is best avoided. Rains are very rare here though.
  • Visiting Hours: All throughout the day
  • How to Reach: Buzios can be reached by car, bus, air or ship. Bus or car trips can be made from Rio de Janeiro. A small airstrip exists in Buzios itself which can handle only corporate jets. Yachts and boats can be moored at Marina Porto Buzios. Nautical services are available at Porto Veleiro.
  • Nearest Airport: Umberto Modiano Airport

Buzios is the resort town made famous by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and moneyed tourists. It has everything that makes a holiday complete. The attractions on the peninsula are myriad. The most adventurous of sports, the most soothing sauna, the verdant greenery and the architecture that is representative of different styles, Buzios resort is a feast for your senses. Originally settled by pirates and slave traders, this region shot to legitimate acclaim after being popularized by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. There is even a Bardot statue on one of the beaches.

There are around 24 beaches in Buzios. They offer the perfect spot for leisure. There is a host of leisure and sports activities to choose from and the cuisine on offer can satisfy almost all tastes on earth. A vibrant nightlife along the Rua Das Pedras is exciting enough to make you thrilled. There is a veritable list of activities that you can do if you want to savor nature by going for one of the eco-tourism tours. And if you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, Buzios offers you a lot of souvenirs and stuff from all over the world.

Things to Do
Well, there is a veritable list of things to do. The question really is — what would you like to do? Take a pick from the list below.

It is amazing to laze on the beaches in Buzios. There are 25 to choose from. Some of the most well known can be named as Geriba beach, Ferradura beach, Azeda beach and also Ossos beach where a statue of Brigitte Bardot still gazes towards the sea

You can also go boating rides as well. There are different types of boats available such as schooners, catamarans and even fishing boats. You can also go for various activities like trekking and mountain biking, diving and snorkeling, horseback riding, swimming, skate/rollerblade, and radical biking, etc.

Other Activities:
If you would like a massage at the beach or would want to work out at the fitness center, Buzios offers the convenience of having both within a short distance. The nightlife on Rua Das Pedras is famous as are the shopping complexes. The ecotourism initiative at Buzios allows you to choose between activities that are found at very few places elsewhere. Choose from various other activities like walking through the butterfly reserve at Taua, walking on the mountain trails, rafting, rappelling in Sana and Alto Macae and walking through with a guide through the Atlantic rain forest at Emrencias Reserve, etc. You will soon know what I mean.

Accommodation catering to every nature of the client is available on Bezos. Some of the well-known hotels are given below:

Pousada das Amora’s Avenue Greta Blanc Do Rio, 82 – Praia Rasa
Bíºzios — Rio de Janeiro
Phone: 22 2623-2616

Brava Hotel
4 Quadra O Praia Bravia
Buzios —Rio de Janeiro
Phone: 0055 22 2623 5943

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