Fast Facts

  • Location: Located about 354 km offshore from the Brazilian coast in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Attraction Type: Archipelago.
  • Significance: Known to the whole world for its pristine beaches, amazing landscapes, wonderful trails, and brilliant wildlife attractions.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year. However mid-December to February is the high season.
  • Visiting Hours: During day time.
  • How to Reach: the Best way to reach is by air. Flights are available from Recife and Natal. During high season, 4-6 days cruises are also available from Fortaleza, Natal, and Recife.
  • Nearest Airport: Fernando de Noronha Airport (FEN).

An archipelago known to the whole world for its pristine beaches, amazing landscapes, wonderful trails, and brilliant wildlife attractions — yes, we are talking about Fernando de Noronha. An archipelago that has completely been detached from the mainland, Fernando de Noronha, brilliantly rising out of the deep seabed, is a combination of one mainland and several rocks and inlet. The crystal clear waters surrounding the islands let you see some of the large global species like manta rays, sharks, goliath groupers, sea turtles, moray eels and of course the dolphins and make your visit a truly a memorable one.

Fernando de Noronha is located about 354 km offshore from the Brazilian coast in the Atlantic Ocean. With 21 islands, islets and rocks of volcanic origin spread in about 18 square km area, Fernando de Noronha is home to one of the largest sea bird breeding colonies in South Atlantic. Due to its small area, limited water resources, and a fragile ecosystem, only 460 visitors are allowed to the island. Therefore, travelers need to plan their visit well in advance. You will also need to pay an Environmental Preservation Tax.

Fernando de Noronha is a traveler’s paradise. There are a number of attractions that have mesmerized travelers not only from Brazil but also throughout the world. Be it the scintillating beaches, awesome landscapes or a range of thrilling activities — Fernando de Noronha will keep amazing you in every moment you spend here.

The beaches of Fernando de Noronha are undoubtedly the biggest attraction of this archipelago. Fernando de Noronha has the top two beaches in Brazil in the form of Praia do Leí£o and Baí­a do Sancho. According to many, Praia do Leí£o offers the most beautiful scenery of the archipelago. Wonderful pools, esguichos, and geyser-like fountains are the biggest attraction of this beach. Baí­a a do Sancho is surrounded by a natural wall. It is known for the nests of aquatic birds. It is also popular for wonderful dives in the bay. You can reach there by a short trail or by sea. Conceií§í£o is another beauty in Fernando de Noronha known for surfing, swimming and skin diving. You can also visit Air France, located extreme northeast of the mainland. This beach is known for contemplation and diving. You can also have breathtaking views of the smaller islands from here. For experiencing a memorable sunset, you must go to Porto. You will also find seabirds diving for food here. Another big attraction is Baí­a a dos Porcos, located opposite of Morro dos Dois Irmaos and is known for unforgettable views, natural poos and variegated colored waters. And do not forget to see dolphins at Dolphins Bay Site.

Underwater Activities:
Fernando de Noronha is also a popular place for various underwater activities. You can go for self-contained diving with air tanks or else you can also go for skin diving. There are also local firms that offer diving services like Beginning Dives and Experienced Dives.

Boat Tours:
Boat tours are quite popular in Fernando de Noronha. Boats with a capacity of 15 passengers regularly leave from the Port of Santo Antonio at 9 o’clock for 4½-5 hours. You will visit smaller islands like Sapata Point, Dolphin point and also go to Sancho Bay for swimming and diving.


There are several hotels in Fernando de Noronha. So, choosing your accommodation is not a tough task there. Some of the hotels are as below:

Pousada Maravilha
BR-363 s/n, Suite
Tel: +55-81-3619-0028
Fax: +55-81-3619-0162

Solar dos Ventos
Estrada do Sueste s/n,
Tel: +55-81-3619-1347
Fax: +55-81-3619-1253

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