Fast Facts

  • Location: In southern Rio de Janeiro between Arpoador and Leblon
  • Attraction Type: Beach
  • Significance: Most happening and sophisticated beach in Brazil
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year
  • How to reach: By road
  • Nearest International Airport: Rio de Janeiro International Airport

Ipanema in southern Rio de Janeiro has a tradition of innovation and freedom. It is in Ipanema Beach that the summer in Rio is most apparent. Boys in their shorts playing foot-volley and girls in their bikinis sun-tanning are the usual sights in Rio Ipanema Beach. Being a little affluent and exclusive, you are assured of your safety in this beach under the watchful eyes of lifeguards and police. In Ipanema, you would share the beach with leading celebrities from sports, business houses, and film worlds.

Ipanema rose into prominence in the 1960s when Leila Diniz, while pregnant, modeled in a bikini. Thereafter, Ipanema became synonymous with beach fashion worldwide. It is not necessary that you need always to be boldly undressed or under-dressed to be acceptable in this enticing beach. Men are always welcome with shorts or surfer’s trunk and a tee-shirt, while girls can put on a mini skirt or sarong with a tank top or T-shirt.

The beach is a fabulous destination for sports like beach volleyball, soccer, and foot-volley — a combination of football and volleyball. The entire beach is watched by ‘Posts’ or police watchtowers. There are nine ‘Posts’ in all at regular intervals. You could spend hours surfing in the sea waves which change color with the weather. On a calm day, the water remains clear blue, which could turn into murky green after heavy rainfall.

At Ipanema, you might develop a tendency to overdo everything. It is always better to go to the beach with a proper sunscreen lotion applied to all exposed parts of your body. It is important to keep track of your total time under the sun. Always wear a beach hat and while resting use a beach umbrella. And never leave your watch and wallet in the sand before dozing off. They could either be snatched or get buried in the sand.

Ipanema Beach in Rio is outstanding for its food and drink varieties being sold by vendors. Coconut water is a traditional favorite of Brazilian beaches. For quenching your thirst, you might have chilled beer, ice-cold coconut milk, frozen fruit juice, iced tea, sodas of both regular and diet varieties, and fresh caipirinhas. In case you are hungry savor melted cheese on a stick, homemade sandwiches, traditional Biscoitos Globo cookies, freshly sliced pineapples, corn-on-the-cob, and shrimp on a stick.

Staying in Ipanema
There are a number of elegant and affordable hotels in Ipanema region of Rio. You might opt to stay in Fasano, Hotel Praia Ipanema, Ipanema Plaza, Everest Park Hotel, or Marina All Suites Hotel.

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