Fast Facts

  • Location: In Belem in Guajara Bay in Brazil
  • Attraction Type: A Market Place
  • Significance: A gathering of more than a thousand vendors selling various articles
  • Best time to visit: All through the year
  • Visiting hours: 4 am to 3 pm
  • How to reach: By flights to Belem and then by road; alternatively by bus from major Brazilian cities
  • Nearest International Airport: Belem International Airport

Ver-o-Peso Market is an amazing place to visit in Belem on the banks of River Amazon. This Guajara Bay riverside market in Brazil is full of activity from 4 am till 3 pm. With over two thousand tents and the colonial ‘Casa do Haver-o-peso’, this market area attracts traders and tourists alike. The traders include fishermen from the Amazon, forest products vendors, artifact dealers, fruit sellers, and vegetable mongers.

The Ver-o-Peso is an adaptation of ‘Casa do Haver-o-peso’ or ‘Have-the-weight House’. In the Portuguese colonial period, this ‘Casa do Haver-o-peso’ was the tax collector’s main office. Vendors coming to this market to sell their products were required to pay a tax on the goods to be traded based on their weights. Ver-o-peso in Belem, a permanent structure is now used as a venue for Acai Fair. Here acai berry merchants sell their products to juice shops. At the Clock Square, you would notice an iron cast tower which has been brought from England.

The other noteworthy features of Ver-o-Peso in Brazil are a Gothic prefabricated structure used by fish vendors, and a Meat Market built in Neo-classical architecture with cubicles and cast-iron staircases. Solar de Beira, another colonial building in this area is used for art exhibitions and displays. A free market will also catch your attention where natural essence, local fruits, and food items are sold.

Within proximity of Ver-o-peso Market, you might visit Feliz Lusitania Complex well known for its 16th and 17th-century buildings, a museum, a fortress, Belem Cathedral, and a baroque church.

To have a feel of this vibrant market visit the area and bargain for whatever you feel like buying.

Accommodation in Belem
For making a visit to Ver-o-peso you need to stay in Belem on Guajara Bay. Hilton Belem, Hotel Regente, Crown Plaza Belem, Hotel Vila Rica, and Sagres Hotel are among the notable places to put up.

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