Location: In the South Andean Cordilleras, about 60 miles southeast of Temuco
Attraction Type: Exotic town
Significance: Offers water, land, and mountain sports activities all at the same place
Best Time to Visit: November to April; June to August for skiing
How to reach: Reach Temuco by flight and thereafter by road; in summers trains ply to Temuco from other Chile destinations
Nearest Airport: Temuco Airport; Pucon has a domestic airport operative in summers only

Pucon, a small Chilean city beside Lake Villarrica at the foothills of the volcano of the same name, is an engrossing tourist destination with access to an expansive ski resort and three national parks. Pucon, in the Araucania Region lying about 60 miles southeast of Temuco, is virtually the entrance to the Andean Cordillera in the southern region of South America. The grand spectacle of the lake with Villarrica Volcano as the backdrop is hypnotic.

Pucon in Chile is an adventurer’s delight with sufficient scope for horse riding, mountain climbing, water skiing, kayaking, rafting, and snow skiing. There is perhaps no other destination in South America that offers land, water, and snow escapades all at the same location. The existence of hot springs makes this area in Chile inviting to health tourists too.

Pucon Activities
While vacationing in Pucon there would not be a single monotonous moment. The three national parks viz. Villarrica National Reserve, Villarrica National Reserve, and Huerquehue National Park are inspiring places for horseback exploration. Mountain bikers would also find the parks equally captivating. Climbers with the help of guides might attempt scaling Volcano Villarrica during the summer months. The caves in the volcanic region are an amazing discovery.

The waters of Lake Villarrica offer incomparable scope for fishing and sailing. The mountainous rapids offer encouraging possibilities of kayaking and rafting.

The slopes of Villarrica volcano become electrifying ski destinations in winters. Snowboarding on these slopes also forms a popular winter sport. Nine lifts operating in winters help to carry skiers to the slope heads of the Pucom-Villarrica region. In winter the hot springs, famous for its medicinal qualities, attract visitors in thousands. Though the crowd in winter is not as large as in summer, it is significantly encouraging.

Dining and Accommodation in Pucon
While touring Pucon, you could choose the place of putting up as per your likings. The notable places to select from include Hotel Antumalal, Villarrica Park Lake Hotel, Portal Pucon, La Bicicleta, Landhaus, Cabanas Akubra, and Hostel Geronimo. The eateries in Pucon include Ecole, Viva Peru, and La Maga.

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